Wanted to draw some energetic fighting poses! Used photo ref for poses, character is drawn from imagination. Don’t mess with her!! She’ll kick you

resource explaining how I analyze a pose and translate that into a character is available on my patreon ~ patreon.com/loish 


Afronomenon is currently made up of 3 Artists, 2 outta the 3 writers, 2 outta the 3 animators. All on to work on our first project - Judegement Day by Jonathan Martin

coucou tout le monde !

je vous annonce l'arrivée d'une nouvelle peluche sur la boutique : le gayxolotl (40e) !

le sharkanarchist (35e) est également revenu en boutique :)

également disponibles : t-rex (57e) et corbeau (50e), et d'autres encore !


les prix sont fdp compris pour la france

RT appréciés

A while ago the pokefusions were so popular on tw and i did this big purple snek that received tons of love. I wanted to share it here too, hope you like it ^^

In the World of LongTale some of the vegetation evolved/mutated over the years of Nulcear Radiation. Here are some examples.


Hello guys! I'm new here, so I decided to do a post.
I'm Toxic, and I specialize in /#anthro artworks. Nice to meet you all! I look forward to use this place more to post my art. :)

*Right, Damien *Left, Kale. A pair of conservationist Buddies in my LongTale universe handling an Pup call an Allibara.

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