At what point does two minute sketch become a lie? or is it the intention that matters? lol. these all took 3 minutes but I think the greenhouse ended up at 4

I don't think I was in the right headspace today for this. I dunno, but hey I tried!

Nope, I'm not gonna get so down on myself, that greenhouse came together as far as I'm concerned *nods*

@LokiArgent These are all great! I love how different they are from other people's stuff, the energetic marker lines and the nice textures they make. I like the trees one especially :D

@Curator Thanks so much, that means a lot! :) I think I may have enjoyed drawing the trees best tbh

These prompts have been amazing, and thanks for encouraging the 2 minute sketches. This is the first I've drawn in months, and it's really what I needed to get back into my style! 💕

@LokiArgent I like your „trees“ (or is it giant bamboo?), especially nice to look at. Beautiful all four, I like GREEN DAYs. Thank you very much. #greenday #art #painting #goodmood

@ArtZim1978 :artaww: thank you so much! They're trees, I enjoy them a lot too. In fact I might revisit them and do a longer sketch one day, I'd love to get the lighting right.
Greens are my favorite to play with honestly, so I'm glad you like these! :artcataww:

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