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I wanted to share the first series I made. I made so very many versions of this.

A lot of my work ends up just being stuff I'd wear on a shirt. And then I try be be inclusive if the design calls for it. So it really ends up simplistic sometimes, but it's an aesthetic I like.

>>Obligatory self promotion: I do have these in my Society 6 shop, and I added my Art Links to my profile where you can find all my stuff<<

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I had a hard time picking the piece I wanted to share first, but I think I decided on a good one :artblackcat:
Say hi to Galactic Cat!

was gonna do a series of unicorns with different pride flags as manes actually, just never got back to it.

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I don't actually know what this little guy is.
I'm trying to work on being creative with wildlife. But achieving what I'm going for is gonna take starting with what's real, and making sight adjustments over time.
So it's not that alien of a critter. And it's ear is messed up. But I'm planning on trying to make a whole collection of my own fantasy creatures eventually. For a far off project I hope I manage to accomplish. But also just because it feels like fun.

I decided in order to get some exercise I'm taking a thing that is typically not cute and making it cute.

To help me come up with ideas I find a random mythical creature generator. It pops out five with a roll. I figure still having a choice will make it seem less like a chore.

Vampire was my pick today, and I recently helped the kiddo I watch find a tutorial on drawing the Powerpuff Girls, so I've been seeing them a lot lately again 😂

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Marceline the Vampire Queen x Powerpuff Girls.
Sugar and spice and the color red.
I feel like these bats aren't Marcy's typical companions, but maybe they remind her of a princess 💕

fun fact! I was going to doodle this like the skull doodlei posted to my main account,, but i messed it up like right away and went color block instead. 🤔 I wish I would have just scanned it and done the background on the computer but I'm currently working on drawing things the same way consistently, so I'm trying to make decisions that help to force that along 🤷🏻

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strong language and mental health 

This is an old favorite, I didn't want to share it till it felt like a good time.

This is my retro series
I'm still only about 8 or 10 designs in on this one.

It's my fav series I've done so far.

I really have to get back to finishing this one, maybe before the end of the month, who knows.


AI art, colourful wallpaper 

"Pixel art wallpaper with lots of cute skulls, pastel colours"

Maybe if you squint XD

Baby dragon, for an artbook project. Painted with Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos tablet 🙂

Happy June! :tialove:

I was having a moment of gender euphoria like a year or so ago when these cuties popped into my head, and ended up with this.
I always meant to get back to these guys and make more with them, I just haven't gotten around to it.

Love ya'll! Have a safe and happy Pride!
:heart_sp_pride: :heart_sp_trans:

Mentioned a thing in my main account this morning and it made me think about this piece.

I know it's hard to read the lettering, but I liked that about it... I dunno

I've been in my head lately, not in a bad way, just a quiet way. Love y'all 💕

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