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Hey Hello there, this is my first post.
I'm Bouss,
Animator, drawing & animation teacher and concept artist.
Here's some specialty of my own.
You will notice my connections with engineering and robotics, but also ink, fountain pen and Copic markers.
My portfolio is here for the most curious:


I have been working on Tyv again.

My last sketches of her were from last year. So I redesigned her a bit and made here more flowy than blocky.

Still very W.I.P. but I prefer this new direction.

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Here are my most recent artists influence maps.
I seperated the ladies and gentlemen because there were too many to choose from. Got rid of the ones involved in eneftees 👌
Quote retweet with yours! You can use the generator here

Which outfit is your favorite?

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Some outfit ideas I doodled for Skaäl.

Which one is your favorite ? Poll below ⬇️

Hey , my name is Stella Spente, I'm an working mainly with gaming and book publishing, also done some comics. Favourite motives are Norse mythology and androids.

I've done work for Magic the Gathering, D&D, and Bonnier Publishing.

Here's a few recent pieces of mine.

Hello !

I really like to see how an illustration began. Was it a sketch, just some splashes of colours. What about you?

So, here is a sketch VS final!

Hope you like this one!

#Fantasy #Faery #illustration #sketch #Mastoart

I made some progress on Skaäl and her corruption started to appear 👀

Still a work in progress.

I did a dozen of full body outfit sketches but I'm not settled on one that fits her character well yet...

Thank you so much for the support last time!


Which one is your favorite?

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Color variations I did last year for my fish hybrid character from the Polaris RPG, Tyv.

Which one do you prefer?

And so it begins. ! I don’t know if I’ll post many sketches. There’s client work to be done. But if I can I will!
Who else is intrigued by mermaids





Hello! I'm Celine and I do concept art and graphic designs, mostly on props and environments.

First post on the platform. Thought I'd share some Dutch-Indies ceremonial flintlock designs for a personal project I made with some friends.

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