@swordjaw Aahh thank you! Haha. I call the little ones star babies lol

@shugmonkey this is beautiful. I love the proportions, the line work has a wonderful flow to it, and the colors work so well together!

@lordampersand it’s all about practice, and you’re doing great! I think the 250 box challenge is what’s scaring me from doing these lessons haha I’m so lazy, but it has so many basics that I never got a chance to learn in depth.

@lordampersand I’ve been meaning to get into this for 3 months now 😩 seeing your posts remind me, and one day will inspire me to actually do it haha

Your boxes look great 🙂

@Ursuladecay this is beautiful! I love how you did the scratches, and the shoulder spikes are wonderful! 😍

@xzyolotl this is super cute! They look so comfy cozy 😊

@xzyolotl I really love your critters, they’re adorably horrifying 😍

@Hyenabones you’re welcome! I can’t wait to see the rest!

@Hyenabones I love the flow of this! I’m excited to see it finished!

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