Got tagged in a thread of women on twitter.

Someone then pointed out that some of those tagged are actually binary.

Tweet deleted, but despite only tweets being push through from insta, people are still following.



The tweet I was tagged in was in response to a question as to why the majority of big accounts talking about autism are men.

That's because people tend not to listen to/amplify/respect non male writers on most topics.

Around autism, if you aren't a bloke presenting in stereotypical fashion you're likely to have been missed in dx.

Takeaway from this - look at who you are amplifying and why. Examine your own bias.

@Liveotherwise I'd have to agree. I teach a couple of female pupils who I recognised autistic tendencies in but have never out and out said they are. Is this because they haven't been recognised as such or maybe because they don't want to admit it because it's usually only associated with the male mind?

@theoddbin they probably haven't been recognised. In my own family, my son was dx at 7, elder daughter 11, and I was in my 40s.

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