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I haven't done much drawing yet. (How do you develop confidence?!)
But I have been composing some secular humanistic 'prayers' this morning.

We have had a clear out this morning and my artist kids have gifted me some of their old unused sketch books. They're poor quality paper which is ideal - I will feel less guilty about the risk of 'wasting' them.

I'm curious; what is the definition of 'art' here? What constitutes creativity?
I would love to take up drawing and painting again but I suffer from the perfectionist gene (or whatever). ☹
I'm not sure if it's associated with ADHD or ASD but I always expect to be good at things and then I'm crushed when it turns out I'm not. 😕 I also struggle with a lack of ability to conjure up images in my mind. Am I a hopeless cause? 🤔

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One of my projects is the #Cornish #Scandinavian Society.
It's meant to be a kind of friendly cultural exchange.
Does anybody have any tips, suggestions, ideas, advice on how to develop it into something?

Recently rediscovered masterpiece by sculptor Antonio Canova: recumbent Mary Magdalene, found in somebody's overgrown garden and sold earlier this month at Christie's. I can't find the price it sold for but estimates were between £5 & £10 million!

Photo of deceased animal 

Poor sweet Dogor! Via fb

" 'Dogor' An 18,000 Year-Old Puppy That Was Discovered In The Siberian Permafrost. He’s So Well Preserved That His Nose And Whiskers Are Still Mostly Intact. DNA sequencing has been unable to identify the animal as either a dog or a wolf.

The specimen was named Dogor by scientists, with the word meaning 'friend' (Cyrillic: Догор) in the local Yakut language."

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This was my #MothersDay card, drawn by my youngest kid, Baba Zonee. It's me: Zombie Wonder Woman! 😄

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I'll say this now, and maybe pin it because I consider it of vital importance. The main reason I have left my previous instance is homophobia/transphobia. I won't tolerate it. Your right to free speech ends at my ears/ eyes. Same applies to racism & sexism & any bigotry.


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