Okay, the machine work and rough trim is done. Lotta cleanup in the morning, and then we see if I can wire them without snagging the charmeuse.

love my coworker to death but like. I really just don't want to hear constant chatter..... not right now at least

I will beat syther in the bug gym. I WILL beat the syther in the bug gym.

I was relatively warm untill my four legged heater got on my lap. now my lap is warm but the rest of me is cold.

she's not a heater. she's a heat vampire

a pair of dragons for me and my SO. i desided to have them as seperate instead of one whole piece. it makes it easier.

Did a play threw of Blair witch with @LensaMoon so here's the vod
As for the game.... Well it's a game


you know your have poor circulation whwn cold water actually feels warm on your hands.

"do myself a mischief" Gemma of dragon quest 11.


we got rid of our chairs a few days ago cause they old af. but also a slight bedbug incident. we leave to do a little food shopping and i notice ones gone missing.

i feel bad for the sorry sap that took one of the chairs. who knows whats bewn habitating in them at this point. lol

monty python and the holly grail is on netflix and so happy right now

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