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commissions are open!

i mainly draw dragons and mythical creatures. i will do furry art upon request as well, nothing NSFW though.

i offer digital or tradition to digital artwork. and any previously done pictures are up for sale as well. i will also do tattoo art.

DM or email me at lensamoon25@gmail.com for pricing and a detailed description of what you are wanting. i use paypal for the main form of payment.

what i have so far. im now in the process of getting rid of the lines all together. so far just the back and tail tho.

i call him. creeper genie. lol

my SO wanted me to make an emote for him for his stream and lo-and-behold this is what he chose.

to be fair genie was really creepy looking in the kingdom hearts game he was streaming the other day. lol

thank you everyone for either boosting that post or donating what you could to help us out. it help us so much.

playing this reminded me how bad i am at fighting game but it's cute and i just gotta practise i suppose slime.global/media/BSTD5xO2R6b

pokemon tip: accidentally learning that you can use a rare candy to revive a fainted pokemon.

ive used that little trick for to many times over the years. lol

so im gonna be streaming for the firs time ever today. at around 6 pm EST

i am honestly super nervous. and i keep freaking myself out. but im gonna do it.


tonight we will be in the killing nazi business with a mod for doom 2 called wolfendoom - Blade of agony thanks to @lurak for the idea #gaming #doom #wolfenstein #twitch #nazi

officially put in my two week notice at my job. my managers face was priceless.

really wish my computer actually warned me there was an update instead of totally shitting out on me in the middle of arting! 😡

my brush presets better have saved dammit.

Progress! tho im not sure if i wanna do any more to this other then tweaking the colors a bit and changing the back ground to a better color.

for some reason my latest art, when viewed on a cellphone turns it supper bright and extra painful to look at. but on a normal computer screen it looks exactly as it suppose to.


watching a fraudster get scammed is hilarious! lol

omg. my phone blew out the colors of my picture. my dersona is major eye burner. lol