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commissions are open!

i mainly draw dragons and mythical creatures. i will do furry art upon request as well, nothing NSFW though.

i offer digital or tradition to digital artwork. and any previously done pictures are up for sale as well. i will also do tattoo art.

DM or email me at for pricing and a detailed description of what you are wanting. i use paypal for the main form of payment.

getting my first tattoo. best birthday pressent thank you hun @qubeslayer

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so i think he only thing i dont like about my job is cleaning the jungle gym. im a grown ass adult in a three story metal and foam monstrosity meant for children.

many many cramped spaces and my god, my everything fucking hurts. my knees and wrists are actually bruised

... Convincing myself to try and draw environmental stuff by promising myself I can stick a freaking dragon in it.

my backyard at the moment. we got sleet and icey rain last night so the bamboo cant stand up.

This is Coffeecaat's Umur, a web developer dragon I painted for a Secret Santa exchange on Flight Rising. If you look at his glasses, you can see Umur is developing his own dragon bio.

but like also she liked my post about the tattoo i want to get so im not entirely sure she actually clicks to read below the images....

my mother in law found my instagram and followed me. and that s awesome but at the same time im just like "fuck... i cant cuss in my posts now..."

i shaved and now im fucking cold. why did i do that

officially picked out my first tattoo. out of the hundreds of dragons ive drawn this is the one. lol

she liked it! and even if she decided not to get this as her tattoo. im letting her have the art anyway.

i secretly hope she does get this as her tat couse that would be the biggest acheivement ever for me

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