i guess update....

i let them know how i been feeling and now im kinda scared to look at my phone.

600ml away almost means nother when they feel like their right in your hand...

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just today my dad called me and made me feel bad because my stepmom was supposed to update me on how his surgery was going and she never did. she told me that she would update me and I believed in the trap. when someone tells me they're going to do something and they don't fucking do it and then blame me for not coming to them it is not my fucking fault. you told me and I believed you.

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yet I go months and months without hearing from them they don't call me but I'm the one who gets guilted into calling them and then when I do call I get guilted for not calling enough. I'm tired of being set up and trapped. I'm tired of getting guilted I'm tired of being made to feel like I'm the bad guy.

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how the hell do you deal with a parents whom you love and respect but that I'm slowly losing the respect.... I am constantly being led into traps lately. about how I'm the one who has to call. I'm the one who doesn't call enough. I'm the one who seems to not care. how do i explain that the ADHD quite literally makes me blind to those who arent in my immediate circle. i live 600mls away.

when you and your husband make the realization that pumpkin spice creamer taste just like spiced eggnog.

went goodwill hunting today.

found an entire vhs tapes worth of pokemon episodes from 1999.

we spent the better part of an hour using the ads on the tape to figure out what year it was recorded. lol

we found a fucking gold mine of late 90's nostalgia.

new tattoo. a dapper lil bi pride frog.

ill probably need to have the lines gone over again. but my artist is getting really good with the stick and poke.

i love how landlords make a big deal over a $30 check for a late fee. then fucking sit on that damn check for two weeks. meanwhile im waiting to get paid today and only have $50 in the account cause god forbid we should need food.

like food is so expencive now too. if for any reason i dont get paid till tomorrow we only have $15 tops. to work with, if we decide to go today. cause we dont have food currently, or anything that could decently make a meal...

ive been made aware that red is the color for indiginous women who have gon missing or murdered. i originally thought orange was the color all around and that green is the actual color associated with abortion rights. so im makeing the change to green

i am changing my profile picture to red in lue of the movent for womens and trans individuals rights who carry a uterus.

so in cleaning out the spare room in our house. i think ive finally come to the conclusion that an old coworker of mine stole the little plush dragon i got in an art trade.

i was never able to find it anywhere and now i know it for sure. cause the last time i saw it was when i brought it in to show off the work that artist did in making it.

i loved that little dragon.... :(

i actually need to redo this to make it more artfully chaotic but i think this is a nice addition to my punk beanie that i hade made about 5 years back. its got a bunch of stuff on it.
trans pride colors
lgbtqia+ colors
a bunch of pins
and safety pins to signify me as a safe person for trans folks and the like.

the supreme court needs to be gutted. i cant even accurately describe how i feel right now.

fucking furious?

whats next my right to exist?
anyone who says their proud to be an american is a lier and snake.

when you decide to do a little refresher research on gender identity and make the realization that your more demiMale then agender under the nonbinary umbrella

lol oop

its been years since ive been able to get cantaloupe. i forgot how good it is.

when you have to do a sort of chop your hair cause you accidently fried some of it bleaching out out.

when you have a coworker who will straight up shut down an ignorant white dude during an ACLU campaign at your store lol

we have to basically ask "would you like to donate to womens health care, trans rights, and lgbtqia+ right? dude scoffed. said no, and then said in an inappropriate manner "you can donate to me tho" and looked my coworker up and down. my coworker (a trans man) straight up told him "no not if it involves guns and killing innocent ppl in the name of you god"

i was like 🤣

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