in lieu of the interview with one of minecrafts creators being an ass.


imma pride it up in my server now. i aint done yet either. lol

Commissioned as an Emblem for someone's Warframe guild.

been kinda inactive art wise. but its not like i havent been doing anything. lol

ive been making bracelets in between projects. (tho not really? lol)

am i the only one; that when i feel even remotely shitty, i cant tell if its because of allergies or if im actually getting a cold?

I finished the last of the commissions I took for my aunt!
It took a while because of some irl things, but I love the outcome and so did the client!

Now that i'm settled in back home, check out this amazing commission I got from Royalty at FE!

its official. my allergies hit me like a truck and now i cant hear past a certain point or breath outta my nose...

i kinda makes me immensely happy to see my old stuff getting boosted. like thanks you random strangers! this is awesome

so this happened. coworker wasnt even aiming at the fan and she managed to grt it stuck. lol

so my manager is totally a little lazy. he's got me taking reservations for parties. so im totally not using my mini sketchbook for what its intended for at the moment

how many ppl does it take to get two wet floor signs sepperated?

three employees and one costumer. thata how many

i love how ive gotten to a point where buying a sketch book is almost as nessessary as buying like... cat food. both are needed

today was actually stressfull enough thats its left me a bit visually impared and with a migrain. at least the huge floater in my right eye is gone now....

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