time to make the almost obligatory reversible octopus lol

crocheted a bear today and started a new stuffy. it's gonna be a tiny Cthulhu. lol just needs wings, eyes, and tentacles.

I couldn't find a good fox stuffy tutorial but I did find a cat one. he literally took like 12 hours. lol

well apparently there's like little to no video tutorials on how to make a crochet fox stuffy that has verbal discriptions. and no distracting music. like there where two patterns I wanted to try but It difficult as hell to follow along when no one's talking you through making it.

it's occured to me that I've never seen my husband pout in the 10 years I've known him. and I feel I've been robbed

so I restarted legend or Korra...... and I kinda wish I could get back the 3 days it took to watch all 4 seasons....

time to watch the last Avatar: the movie.

gotta love how my partner and I both work at grocery stores but we collectively don't have enough to even afford any food.

and I had to tell them I couldn't make it in tomorrow cause I have to go to food banks. and a job interview. so hears hoping I get that better job. and my partner gets his better job.

I love how my job has the audacity to cut hours and then turn around and wonder why no one wants to work. not to mention the blatant starvation wage they have us at and won't give anyone raises. 9 and hour is a disgusting number compared to what's actually necessary to survive.

I have made a discovery. midol is not only great from killing off period pain. but it also works wonders for knocking out pain when you gauge up your ears to a 0g. and also knocking me out with it. I feel really well rested for someone who only got like 2ish hours of sleep last night.

when you were warned that going from a 2g to a 0g is gonna hurt like bitch but you do it anyway.

we are so close with my partner landing this first year in collage and getting us moved to Florida.

but at the same time we don't even have enough to keep our water on... or possible even our electricity... we just need to make it one more month.

we are so fucking close. I hate this

gotta love the lack of communication when I'm trying to move up and get better pay. fuck retail. 9 and hour ain't worth shit

Friendly reminder to appreciate dragon claws daily

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