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commissions are open!

i mainly draw dragons and mythical creatures. i will do furry art upon request as well, nothing NSFW though.

i offer digital or tradition to digital artwork. and any previously done pictures are up for sale as well. i will also do tattoo art.

DM or email me at lensamoon25@gmail.com for pricing and a detailed description of what you are wanting. i use paypal for the main form of payment.

@Curator hey. im shooting you a toot to remind you of the commission you wanted. its been a while. XP

Been working on beefing up my portfolio these last couple months with some reworks of older pieces. Its nice going back to old things with more technical know how and being like !!!?!? when comparing them. Need to get the hydra more tree like but im feeling it

put way too much detail into this one. oopsie

i wish the new episode for my hero academia was coming out sooner rather then every saturday dammit. 😣

my backs not killing me today. so im gonna be doing the thing i wanted to do two days ago. stream.

ill be streaming around 5pm est. if anyones to hang out or chat.

tonights gonna be so rough. i went two year with this back pain and now its back.

i so do not need this right now. fuck. like my legs shake just from standing.

i hate this shit so much.

i had plans to stream. but i legit fucked up my back. i cant even sit in my chair to do any art.

the pain is so bad right now. 😫

think im gonna stream today. but i need a shower first. XP

Financial shit

I just got served papers that I’m being sued for back due debt. And the utility company is not happy about that bill. And I need help.

If you can spare anything at all, it would be incredibly appreciated.


Yo whats good depression killed your boy narkis's productivity for a solid month there. To be fair I Was painting but nothing was getting done ya know. Good thing too because I got a lot to post now starting with a fairly old sketch of anuran I wanted to paint up . There's more work to be done but im liking it


my favorite streamer on twitch was doing two minute sketches of whatever peeps wanted.

i remembered way back when there was a discussion on weather or not dragons can wear sweaters so i told her to draw a dragon wearing one.

i wanted to color it in and viola! noodle in a sweater! y'all need to go check out AllieBriggs. shes epic.


i was issued a challenge a few days ago. my friend wanted me to draw my old fursona again. its been like forever since i drew her last. lol

so in cleaning out the spare room for our new room mate. i was cleaning out the closet and i found a random dvd/cd disk.

we checked to see what on it and apparently at some point some one burned a copy of star wars, episode 7....