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commissions are open!

i mainly draw dragons and mythical creatures. i will do furry art upon request as well, nothing NSFW though.

i offer digital or tradition to digital artwork. and any previously done pictures are up for sale as well. i will also do tattoo art.

DM or email me at for pricing and a detailed description of what you are wanting. i use paypal for the main form of payment.

i have been gone for so long im seriously out of the loop here now. oops.

i caved and drew fanart for my hero academia. i fucking love this show so much. shinsou is probzbly one of my most favorite characters. other then bakugou.

under the Knife by Icon for Hire is an important song and some people probably need to hear it.

its finally done, just a random dragon boy but for so long i have been trying to do this painting style in krita and i finally found out the right brushes for it.

its bisexuality pride day today apparently. why was i not notified of this.

making a thing. vause doesnt like handmade bracelets.

i might make rhid one as long as my last one and put on my ankle.

have a good kitty. he helps when i feel like i cant function.

i think i might pick up tai-chi again to add to my yoga sessions. my center of balance is so shitty. and i miss doing it.

my hero acedamia possible spoilery. Show more

beging to understand why my friend took it so hard when i told her i was moving to nc all those years ago.... and its basically killed our friendship. now. all of the 2 friends ive made here have or are moving away. and i dont know how to react anymore.

i should know better then to start writing again but that seems to be all i want to do at the moment.

well fuck. so my landlords bank basically fucked up..... got a call from him today saying the check had bounced today. but get this. MY bank posted MY check on the 14th. telling me MY check went through just fine. 715 fucking dollors. i am not writing a new check for money we no longer have.

he better figure out what the hell happened. because this some shady shit on top of all the crap we already have to deal with with the ppl he works for.

welp i got my second shower of the day. no thanks to the sudden down pour. pokemon go got cut short. urg

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