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A convenient gender-neutral way to address a group of people is “foolish mortals”

Another com I did for twitter user Father_Adam of his Techie Tiefling Bard Lacey. Pictured below with and without her ethereal keyboard.

Heyo I disappeared for a bit but I have some thoughts after listening to and not hearing any autistic people contacted after like 5 episodes of people insisting vaccines cause autism.

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some drawings of wolves (indian wolves) done while watching Walking with Wolves - which is a pretty decent documentary on netflix.

Practicing drawing wolves for a werewolf related comic.

I say super sick but really I just have a cold and I'm a massive baby about it.

Some sketchbook stuff. Working on a longer project, but I'm super sick right now and everything is pain.

Lost and found my sketchbook, thankfully even though I left it downtown it was exactly where I left it after two days.

In a turn of events that surprised absolutely nobody, Instagram changed their algorithm so now art people get even more fucked than before.

Thanks Insta, you giant piece of crap. Your image quality sucks and I hate you.

Ruby Rose and her pokemon, pre-beacon. I chose this team for Ruby after consulting with a friend who said, and I quote, "Ruby is a massive edgelord with a big fuck off scythe. She'd pick edgy pokemon."

Can't argue with that.

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