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I'm not even gonna try to upload all of my inktober stuff in one day.

Day one was toxic or poisonous or something? Here's a salamander.

Ignore the washed-out colors, it's actually much higher contrast.

It turns out that mastodon doesn't like greyscale images that much but ok we'll make this work...

OK, get ready for inktober many images can I upload in a single post? Let's find out!

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youve heard of catgirls
youve heard of catboys

now get ready for:
nyanbinary people

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It's been almost a since I last posted something here oops :')

I'm tying to slowly move away from tumblr so I'll try to be active here again.

Anyway, here is my &d character, he is a drow bard and I love him very much.


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Action scientist on main for #motw Her name is Bambi :thinkergunsunglasses:#mastoart

Another big dragon boi. I was asked to make one of the dragons in my sketchbook printable so here he is.

My grandma wanted a print of the dragon in my sketchbook so I'm working on redrawing it for printing. Here's what I got so far.

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