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My tribute to the douarnenist graffitist
I wanted to pay tribute to him by dedicating one of my images: "the vestal cacodylate" in reference to the eye cacodylate of Francis Picabia.
Here is a detail of the work.
To see the whole picture go to my website.

Detail "The Vestal Cacodylate"

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🐾 🐭 Petite dédicace pour M. Miaou :)

Le Crâne précédent fait partie d'une installation :
"Monstre ou Héros ?"
6 peintures à l'acrylique de 24 cmx24 cm, deux crânes en papier et tissu à taille réelle sur socle en métal.

The previous Skull is part of an installation :
"Monster or Hero?"
6 acrylic paintings measuring 24 cm x 24 cm, two life-size paper and fabric skulls on a metal base.

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