Imagining a world where instead of bullying ppl to vote for an old lying ass imperialist white supremacist to replace another old lying ass imperialist white supremacist and presenting those as the only two options, energy was directed into pushing people to organize in our local communities and set up ways to more effectively deliver mutual aid to each other and encouraging each other that theres more we can do than just vote. There are other tangible actions. The world is not a binary

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Imagining a world where imperialism and leaving ppl behind to bare the brunt of cruelties + lack of resources just so a class of people can be comfortable and relish in excess is a dealbreaker and commonly viewed as morally reprehensible

Manufacturing futures begins in the imagination. Removing the limits the colonial project and capitalist project have placed on imagination through indoctrination is the first step and walking with the knowledge that your imagination can shape reality through regularly acting on it is the second. Removing the lens of antiblackness and committing to that as a daily practice is absolutely necessary, otherwise we will never get free. Never.

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