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I created this a few days ago to express how I've been feeling lately. What do you guys think? Can you relate?

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Hey y'all! ๐Ÿคฉ

I'm new to mastodon! So I'm doing an

I'm Elyssa/Leelums and I'm a black artist that illustrates, dabbles in animation, video game design, and a lot of things! I love working with local artists to help them create their vision. I'm also currently in university!

I really want to help create a supportive empathetic community together here ๐Ÿ˜ป

i'm still putting together my twitch channel, but i'm gonna draw some of these cute animal crossing characters & work on commissions on stream later!

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Self-promo-ing again that I finally pushed my personal site live last night that includes 2 short stories, 2 poetry collections, and 2 photography projects and also blog posts about absolutely nothing.

Who are your favorite animal crossing villagers?? I wanna draw some cute animals to ease my soul lmfao

i wish i had a switch and the new animal crossing so badly!!!

Recuperation is vital for anyone concerning themselves with heavy information.

For some this means a week, for some it means days, for some it means hours.

For all of us it means time. Don't burn yourself out, they want you to burn out.

how would you most likely regularily support a musician?

(pls boost)

Stepping up/doing the right thing when it REALLY matters outweighs even a lifetime of being kind - sometimes people miss that.

We should all try to be kind, but itโ€™s not a replacement for doing the important, impactful thing at the critical moment. There are no niceness tokens that accumulate to counterbalance a missed moment, perhaps except as an act of forgiveness later.

This applies equally well in private life, at work or public/govt affairs.

starting an Internet community for shitty creativity where you post your own shitty art, music, sewing, writing, or whatever and other people exclusively tell you it's cool and keep making it, the literal waking nightmare of every Constructive Crit chud on the entire Internet, and laughing when it produces better creatives because the entire secret to making good art is to make the bad art and keep making the bad art and enjoy making bad art

Hey can yโ€™all plz boost this? Donate if you can.

The Havasupai tribe is the most remote reservation in the lower 48. The village is accessible only by foot, helicopter or horseback. About 75% of the jobs on the reservation are tied to tourism and thereโ€™s a 15% unemployment rate. Roughly 15% of the community is elderly, many are diabetic or asthmatic and therefore vulnerable to coronavirus.

Due to the spread of coronavirus the tribe has had to suspend tourism within the reservation to protect tribal members from disease. Unfortunately, this is where they get most of their income. Please consider making a donation to make sure the Havasupai people and their animals have the food and protection they need to remain in their communities and stay safe during this pandemic.

Health advice 

Hey, so... There's a solid chance I'm getting laid off from my day job at the end of this fiscal year (Aug) due to COVID. If you know of any illustration or 2D game art opportunities, please pass them along. Thx ๐Ÿ’•
Contact: meagantrott (at) gmail

Thank you so much to everyone that has helped me or bought a commissions from me. I appreciate it so much, I'm still struggling but a lot less than I would've otherwise

Hey hey!
I could use some assistance via boosts or donations to my GFM! I'm trying to bounce from my unexpected move back to states-Barรงa & I can't make prints to sell or work yet on my visa.

Plus I'm trying to create content & other projects to share on the fedi but that requires money as many things do.

#GFM #showupforwishes

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