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I created this a few days ago to express how I've been feeling lately. What do you guys think? Can you relate?

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Hey y'all! 🤩

I'm new to mastodon! So I'm doing an

I'm Elyssa/Leelums and I'm a black artist that illustrates, dabbles in animation, video game design, and a lot of things! I love working with local artists to help them create their vision. I'm also currently in university!

I really want to help create a supportive empathetic community together here 😻

Oh.. ? "Much to my surprise, we found that, even though we know that Native Americans were in New England for at least 14,000 years with, at certain times in history, fairly large population densities, the ecological signal was essentially invisible," said Chilton. "If one did not know there had been humans on the landscape, it would be almost impossible to detect them on a regional scale."

I literally had eco-fascists screaming the opposite at me just a week ago.

It's always amazing to see mainstream science finally begin to catch up with what indigenous peoples have been saying for hundreds of years.

i'm curious how many other haitian people there are on mastodon?

Race, whiteness + La Am/USA thread 

Race, whiteness + La Am/USA thread 

Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

my partner took a cute facetime screenshot of me and lulu that i love

Illustrated Haiku, CW for blood/bleeding, non-sexual implied nudity and somebody urinating on a planet 

Our sisters are out here looking out for us. :blobcatlove:​ Here's a helpful summary of strategies to heal from continual racist trauma:

Everyone normalize wearing surgical masks in public in the US real quick thansk



i also love that they don't draw ugly caricatures for black characters sucks that the bar is so low but the black bg characters are so cute

i'm watching the first episode of eizouken rn and i love the style and the little girl's reaction to her first fantasy adventure anime is so relatable!!

when people apologize and then dont change anything about their behavior

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