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Not good. It was fun.
Signing out. 🖖✌️

I've been illustrating some of the bird nominees daily on my breaks for NZ's Bird of the Year.

#birdoftheyear #inktober

Use what you see, don't plan it. No worries. No cares. Just float and wait for the wind to blow you around.

This is my friend Skittles. I can't tell any individual rosellas apart, so if one lands on my hand, its name is Skittles today.

#bird #birds

A wonderful herd of urban goats that we follow is moving to a new location. We wish them well in the move!

Fall ist almost here (or, it is here...if you ask the view out of my window)

so...felt inspired to draw a turkey :D

from one Respectable Lawyer on Twitter:

« Side note for my young attorney followers: Ethics rules allow you to solicit a client directly if it's pro bono. If you see someone being hassled by authorities unfairly, walk up and say: "I'm an attorney, would you like me to be your attorney and help you free of charge?"

Every time I've done this, the person has said yes and the cop suddenly remembered he had very important things to do elsewhere. »

:twitter: 🔗 :


1 Geology
(of a mineral or sediment) transported to its present position from elsewhere.
Often contrasted with authigenic
2 Ecology
(of a successional change) caused by non-living factors in the environment.


Deltas, like the well-known location of New Orleans along the south coast of the United States, are a product of millenia of allogenic deposits of silt from large rivers like the Mississippi.

Rose is in her,"Can you see me now?" stealth mode this afternoon.
#GoatsOfMastodon #ヤギ #goats

More playing.

About 30 minutes on this one.

Check out the process video here:

A charoal test with a young kangourou. Unfortunately i've too many proportion errors.

A pearl crescent butterfly (Phyciodes tharos) on smooth blue aster (Symphyotrichum laeve) in the prairie garden. #butterflies #lepidoptera #nativeplants #Illinois #nature #photography #photo

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