'The Townsend Trio'
Two adult Townsend's chipmunks and apparently this year's offspring foraging in backyard.

Sunset from the kids' house. Photo taken by daughter-in-law.

Clear cutting half mile east of our neighborhood has begun. Recording tree line to see how close the logging comes. High pitched hum & buzz of the tree harvester can be heard behind the birds. Duration unknown. More wildlife will be displaced & be visiting our vicinity. A painter/catamount was seen three lots down from us due to clear cutting to the south for the new school campus.

We are still transiting across the Pacific to reach a swath of unnamed, unexplored, and unmapped seamounts about 600 miles northwest of the main Hawaiian Islands. We should be having a dive within 24-36 hours and I'll be sure to post about it when it happens!

The omnipresent pear (water soluble graphite crayons) and a croissant ( water soluble pastels). Two pieces I started at open studio today. Hope to get back to them soon.

Comments about the new UK Agricultural Bill after Brexit. Fewer farmers? Interesting podcast.



A rough draft; a sketch.



In the spring, Jack dashed off a croquis of the crocus flowers and decided to call himself Jacques.

[It is neat to have a definition short enough to think of it as a sketch all by itself.]

Dark-eyed juncos, banana slugs and Townsend's chipmunks not to mention numerous nematodes, earthworms and a possible mole underground are visiting our backyard this evening.

'Buckle Tree' (2018)
Quick drawing of tree on unknown paper type that easily buckles. Using new Lyra water soluble graphite crayons 2B-6B-9B, Prang Sketching pencil 6B and a Caran d'Ache water brush.

Listening to
Ted Chiang's - Understand (Episodes 1-4)
Medical procedure creates startling side effects.


If electric cars are going to become the norm they all have to have the same model plug. Not to is idiotic and wasteful. Why build thousands of charging stations that can only be used by one model of automobile? The cost of duplication or triplication is ludicrous and unnecessary.

All The Electric-Car Charging Connectors In One Great Big Poster

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