I never post animation stuff here! So, a little one I did a few days ago ^^

My new Character Design Challenge !

After the Japan Expo Paris I was really exhausted... But now I come back!

And my website is update! Whiwh means Commissions are Open !!!!!! =D




Cette année je serais de nouveau à la Japan Expo de Paris du 4 au 7 juillet !!!

Je remercie Mégane Lepage qui m'a permis de pouvoir venir cette année et qui partage son stand avec moi 😭😭😭 Allez voir son travail, elle est incroyable !
Son insta => instagram.com/lepagemegane/

Il y aura plein de nouveauté. Des posters, des badges, des stickers, et même un coin commande !! Vous venez, vous commandez; simple et efficace.

I completely forgot that!!

The graduated film I made with my team received its first reward in festival!

"Coup de cœur" du jury =D

Finally, commissions are open !!

You can see informations on pictures.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at le.farfadet@protonmail.com

I'm trying new effects. Using light is not what I really confortable but I have to do it! ^^
This is a fanart of Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl =)

I'm coming back to the Draw this in your style, with the challenge of one of my friend Mégane Lepane.
Go check her amazing work on her instagram =)



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