♪ The queen of the Ice and Snow ♪ :da_bounce:

As a mermaid she can easily live in the ice sea and creta iceberg ❄

I was a little disappointed about the second film. 🤔

And you, did you like Frozen 2 ?

Today Bo Peep is here !
To be honest, I didn't love the last Toy Story...
The third is the perfect end to the saga.

What do you think ?

Oh I forget to share the silhouette yesterday...
Well, what's the point 'cause she's finally here : Megara !

Let's make a place to Belle reading under the sea =D

Next mermaid friday 😋 She will be more glamourous !

So today is Snow-White time (of course...).
See you tuesday for a new character.
Who will she be ? 😜

Hey ! How are you guys ?
Today is 1st May so let's begin the mermay challenge !
I don't have time to made the full month so they will be only 9 Disney characters. And will you find who are they ?

Pour bien commencer cette nouvelle année, voici le lien de mon film de fin d'étude enfin disponible !!!!

Réalisé avec Mégane Lepage, Kevin Langouët, Meghan Marino, Agathe Revillod

Let me introduce this new character: Ina !!
Nymph, spirit of fox, kind of angry and mysterious mind =D

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