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Yesterday I brought home 10 blueberry plants from work that were being dug up because they weren't doing super well. I'm really excited to try to make them healthy and big! And they were freeee ohohoho

tbh I’ve been wondering a lot when/if I’ll ever Feel like making art again, or if I should try to force it? It’s been several years now since art really felt good, and lately I don’t even get that “ooh I wanna make art!” feeling. It’s like some switch just got shut off in my brain.

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I’ve been very stressed and I wanna draw my characters smooching but without the stress of trying to draw

med side effects (emetophobia cw) 

I often get headaches after farm work days, which I now think is a result of the photosensitivity side effects of antidepressants, and headaches usually also make me feel sick to my stomach, but last night it was on another level. I was super nauseous for like 3 hours and was shaking and very nearly threw up. I don't know what to do because this isn't sustainable to live with as a farmer!!

It was so nice and springy here for a few weeks, and now we have several inches of snow on the ground. No!!! Put it back!!!

This is providing an entertaining distraction from everything else in the world right now

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Apparently, someone I went to high school with who went on to become a high-powered art dealer in London has scammed people out of millions of dollars and then disappeared, and I'm just "michael jackson popcorn gif" over here.

I hope he gets what's coming to him, he always seemed like he sucked. Also the high-end art world sucks.

so what I learned from grocery shopping today is that while during snowstorms you must hoard the milk and the bread, during pandemics it is the beans and the rice that are hoarded (and the toilet paper...)

@JMHowell happy birthday!! I hope you had a good day!! 🎂✨🎉

driving anxiety 

I did a test drive with Ezra today to practice driving to the farm where I’ll be going tomorrow to meet the farmer. It went fine and I should be feeling relieved or something but I’m stuck feeling panicky because I missed a turn, drove across the next town, and briefly stepped on the gas when I meant to hit the brakes at a stop sign. Nothing bad happened!! But I feel terrible!! Brains can go fuck off

A zine that I collaborated on is available for (free) download now! Check it out, it's an important subject and I'm really proud of the work that went into this one.

The farm I applied to got back to me and things are sounding promising!! :D

talkin about anxiety and jobs 

It sucks BUTTS having severe anxiety, but I finally pushed myself to reach out to a local farm and ask if they're hiring. I just haaaate that 2 of the biggest fears I have (interacting with people and driving) are the most basic components of most employment. Why do I have to be like this?? Ugh ugh ugh

you don't know true exhilaration until you're standing outside in 12°f slathering aquaphor on a struggling chicken's jiggly skin flaps

Age: 32
Days since last anxiety dream about missing the school bus: 0

anyway, I did make art (and forgot to post it here as usual) and I'm pretty happy with these! I'm gonna be selling these as a set of stickers at a little local comics fest coming up in a couple weeks, and online later if there are extras.

minor bird site gripe 

someone on twitter is using my art as their avatar without asking or providing any credit. I tried to message them to nicely ask them to just credit me but their messages are closed.

this person hasn't tweeted and only has 3 followers so it's not like I'm worried that my art is gonna get around stripped of credit or anything, it's just the principle of it! fucking ask and credit!!

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