@JMHowell @Prawnlegs that's so cool that your farmers market had them!! Haha, you don't have to like them, it's okay - they ARE very sweet and I think might be best in combination with more acidic fruit or in ice cream like you said.

@Prawnlegs Just following up my hit from college, "what's a quizno?"

@onehauntedhouse @magpietongue @Prawnlegs whaat that's wild! I remember spending SO MANY hours paging through elfwood methodically. We had just recently gotten the internet and deviantart didn't really exist yet, so I was in awe that so much good ("good") art was there. Being 12/13 on the old internet was fun, I miss that.

"You ever want to just eat six klondike bars and go to sleep?"

- Laurel, telling it like it fucking is

@JMHowell hanging out with you is always fun and chill! I hope we can have more adventures together soon!!
✨ 🍑 🦋 🐲 🍅 ✨

pet death 

teeth are horrifying 


@kaible I was thinking of the video of the guy who reaches into the earth and pulls out a mole, and I was like "if he can do that, I can just tenderly touch the mole!"

oh yeah, yesterday I heard rustling under some plants and wanted to see what it was so I got closer and a MOLE came out

it saw me and froze in fear, so I did the only logical thing, which was to reach down and pet it ever so gently with one finger

the mole peed

in fear

I am a monster

(it was very soft)

@DirkGrundy I had never seen a picture of him before, so I absolutely lost it when I googled him after reading this

being petty in the farming fandom 

@JMHowell oh my gosh, every time you post your dinner pics and descriptions I'm filled with envy!! It looks so good

being petty in the farming fandom 3 

being petty in the farming fandom 3 

being petty in the farming fandom 2 

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