@kaible ugh, does your job not require everyone to wear a mask?? I really hope you haven't got it! Take care of yourself, fingers crossed for a negative.

oh yeah, with everything else going on I forgot to ever post this here... slightly NSFW OCs kissing ohoho

@JMHowell this all sounds amazing. Lately all i want to see is older characters. Like anything above 20s is great but actually old is even better. Us 30-somethings still need role models!!

@yeshomo GOD, for real. I feel so old and curmudgeonly on the internet lately.

@yookalelee oh um! I’m far from an expert and I know nothing about tunisian crochet! But your sample looks good to me, I wouldn’t go denser at all. I feel like crochet tends to be too dense and stiff pretty easily so aim for airy.

(mildly nsfw art)

ugh I can't decide if I should post this sketch on the birdsite or not, but hey, I've been having fun drawing OCs! Just over here skipping OC-tober prompts in favor of drawing makeouts ohoho

aaand skipping right on over the days I missed, here's 12: school. Just about the only canon thing pictured is Calla's seething hatred of Laszlo. Looks like in this AU, Laz gets his scar from a pencil to the face

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9: cowboy. I've been busy for the past few days, but here's Ode as a cowboy. I think the life would suit them, but unfortunately they live in space β‰ˆ200 years in the future. Bummer, sorry Ode.

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TW ableism and fatphobia // complaining about school 

@hauntedsuburbs uugghhh this sounds so uncomfortable and so... high school. Also I love when discussions of disability assume that *of course* no one involved in the discussion is disabled. Disabled people are only ever somewhere else. I applied for a job a while ago at some farm that works with disabled/mentally ill communities and I was like "ah yes, I am Familiar with the community, due to Friends and Acquaintances πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ "

@yookalelee aw dude I'm so sorry. :( I've been feeling the same off and on too. It's a very hard year on top of having naturally bad brains, right??? Just take care of yourself the best you can. πŸ’œ

@JMHowell don't worry about it at all! It sounds like you have a LOT going on. How are things going with Ben's mom? Sending good thoughts for her and you and Ben. πŸ’œ

8: Pirate. These guys (Laszlo, Ode, & June) are actually space pirates, but dang it was fun to draw them as historical pirates.

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7: OC playlist. This was hard to pick bc I have several OCs with pretty robust playlists, but Toby has some real good songs and is the OC who gets all my anxiety and brainweirds (congrats toby). If nothing else, The Mute is an essential listen for Toby. This is a very abridged playlist btw.

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