@JMHowell let’s talk plants on discord! Also, I’m not a houseplant person either, but the great thing about native plants is that they don’t need our help. We just put them where they want to grow and they do the rest!!

@JMHowell if you want I can help you figure out native plant and garden stuff! Also, I am adding a patreon tier for that based on your feedback, too!

@JMHowell it’ll probably be fine! If anything relatively minor is wrong, you can get some money knocked off the house price - that’s what happened for us because of a shittily repaired part of the roof (that we still need to get fixed, haha)

driving anxiety 

driving anxiety 

driving anxiety 

driving anxiety 

driving anxiety 

@hauntedsuburbs Maybe the ghost is trying to woo you??? Bring it a gift for valentines day

@hauntedsuburbs aahh well I hope something interesting but not terrifying happens...? Is it an old building?

@hauntedsuburbs is this the same place you've been working where there have been other creepy occurrences??

@JMHowell whoops, this got buried in my notifications. Wow, the road thing sure is something.... definitely sucks for the people who live on that street.

@JMHowell yeah that's what I mean! There's HOLES in the city that are other towns? There's a long spindly arm following the river way out west? Amazing.

@JMHowell btw, looking up Cinncinnati on zillow made me learn that it is the WEIRDEST shaped city, wtf

@JMHowell dang, the busy season arrived suddenly. I had no idea places would often sell on the first day in cities! That's wildly stressful. I hope you have some good luck soon!!

@JMHowell That seems super weird, I wonder what's going on? Also that's frustrating as heck.

@yookalelee I really want Cayugas someday! The ducks themselves are so pretty and goth too. The weird thing about their eggs is the black is a thin coating that easily scratches off, and also their eggs get lighter as the laying season goes on, so they end up laying gray eggs. Still cool though!

@yookalelee not me, haha, I have the exact same situation with my desk. Jey is probably the best out of us at creating a good workspace.

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