I played my first ever session of DnD yesterday and my orc bard immediately got kinda high on magic fey brownies, A++ experience

Thanks @JMHowell for being such an awesome DM!

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@LaureltheRadish Moll & Glurpt had a much better brownie experience than poor Nesmin, but honestly: that could have gone a lot worse. Nobody got a Nat 1 and spent the next 30 minutes vomiting butterflies or hallucinating everyone as slugs in top hats or anything. (Also, aaaaaw THANK YOU 💖)

@JMHowell I mean, that could have been really fun though, haha. But yeah, we were all blown away by how you had voices for all the characters and were just really good at all the improv. It was super fun!!

@LaureltheRadish The improv’d stuff & unplanned stuff often ends up the most fun! Also, I need to include a random elderly party guest somewhere because I love doing my exaggerated Old Voice.

@LaureltheRadish Also I just realized that I’m now 2/2 on campaigns I DM’d where a PC got high on magic food in the first session...

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