Just farm work! 

The snow melted enough that today I was finally able to clean out the (absolutely disgusting) chicken coop! AND I finally ripped out the torn-up chicken wire the previous people had put down on the floor of it, along with all the random pieces of wood that were screwed down that were supposed to keep the chicken wire in place. Not totally sure why they did that, because the building already has a wood floor and chicken wire isn't really that useful for keeping predators out.

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Just farm work! 

All it achieved was making coop cleaning a fucking nightmare of trying to scrape all the poop and shavings out of an obstacle course of increasingly ripped chicken wire and hills and valleys of wood boards. Now the floor is smoooooooth. Feels good to make farm chores as streamlined and painless as possible! Next coop cleaning is going to be SO much easier. There's still things to fix in the coop to make it better, but this is a very good start.

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