oh yeah, I've been doing based on this prompt list twitter.com/retquits/status/13

So # 1: first OC. I dunno how far back anyone else is going for their first but I made this one when I was 6. His name is Horse and he starred in a newspaper-esque strip by the same name where he was a sassy troublemaker. Tbh it was pretty fun to redraw him

2: childhood. Another character (sorta) from when I was a slightly older kid. A group of friends and I all had gem-themed alter-egos, and so much worldbuilding to go with them.

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3: family. Sometimes a family is 6 queers on a spaceship. L to R they are: Yevgeny, Toby, Laszlo, June, Calla, and Ode. They also belong to @magpietongue and are part of a... VERY longstanding project

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5: OC trading card. (skipped number 4, might come back to it later) TBH I'm old and not familiar with OC trading cards so I defaulted to the cards I know and trust. Birch is a new character!

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6: growing old. Hot take, drawing old people is more fun than drawing young people. Face lines add so much.

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7: OC playlist. This was hard to pick bc I have several OCs with pretty robust playlists, but Toby has some real good songs and is the OC who gets all my anxiety and brainweirds (congrats toby). If nothing else, The Mute is an essential listen for Toby. This is a very abridged playlist btw.

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8: Pirate. These guys (Laszlo, Ode, & June) are actually space pirates, but dang it was fun to draw them as historical pirates.

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9: cowboy. I've been busy for the past few days, but here's Ode as a cowboy. I think the life would suit them, but unfortunately they live in space ≈200 years in the future. Bummer, sorry Ode.

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aaand skipping right on over the days I missed, here's 12: school. Just about the only canon thing pictured is Calla's seething hatred of Laszlo. Looks like in this AU, Laz gets his scar from a pencil to the face

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@LaureltheRadish This is cool as hell, I love the unknown typeline, and my inner pedant was going to complain about the sloppy templating but early Magic templating was often that sloppy too, if not worse :P

@cryptovexillologist haha thanks, I dunno what you mean by templating, all I can say is it's a sketch and also I was referencing my 90s cards so maybe your observation is spot on

@LaureltheRadish Templating in terms of how the rules are written, it’s an excruciatingly precise grammar

(A lot of the earliest cards were deliberately weird and vague, because they expected that playgroups would just interpret them the way DMs house-rule things in RPGs, and then the game became too big for that to work and a lot of those cards need a novel’s worth of text to fit within modern rules language)

Your art style fits the era very well, too!

@cryptovexillologist ohhh gotcha! Yeah, in that case, I know it's definitely off, I just wanted it to sound generally magic-y but mostly just fit some character stuff. Also I like hardly ever actually played and, again, 90s, so I know nothing about mtg technicalities

@LaureltheRadish I love seeing this especially because early Magic means a lot to me, creatively - almost all the cards are now either “unplayably bad” or “banned in everything,” the artistic quality is all over the place, the rules are a complete mess, but it had a spark of brilliance that people recognized enough to become enormously successful (for better or worse :P )

@cryptovexillologist I'm obviously biased towards the 90s stuff because that's what I imprinted on, but I love that the art was often wildly different because there was some really interesting stuff in there! MTG was both extremely formative for my own art and also the basis for tons of worldbuilding and story creating I did as a preteen.

@LaureltheRadish oh saaaame, although I came in during the Gothic horror and flesh-and-metal Phyrexian body horror era, which is obvious in a lot of my teenage self’s art, although I’m glad I had that phase and I see it as a vital step to where I am now

@LaureltheRadish love love love love LOVE the hands and face???? Your art style is so yummy :star_eyes:

@Ellteo oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I've been having a rough time with art lately, so your comment really means a lot! 💙

@LaureltheRadish I LOVE THIS it’s so fun!!! Sorry I fell off the wagon, work this week + stress over Ben’s mom’s surgery has been uhhhhh a lot.

@JMHowell don't worry about it at all! It sounds like you have a LOT going on. How are things going with Ben's mom? Sending good thoughts for her and you and Ben. 💜

@LaureltheRadish @JMHowell YES SECONDING THIS HOW IS BENS MOTHER? Last we talked i think you said surgery went ok and you were waiting for results?

@yookalelee SORRY EUNI work this week has been extra draining on top of the other stress and my shitty brain saw “6 texts” and went “mmmm nope exceeds current mental capacity” and put it on the back-burner I’m so sorry my brain is the worrrrrst

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