workin on a portrait of Laszlo for @magpietongue and @LaureltheRadish (and me) because I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Laszlo was originally teenage Ezra's character and was overhauled by Ezra and Laurel years ago into the space-faring kiss boy he is today; he's kind of a shared baby.

I slaughtered twitter with these photos, so here are Mooncake's fluffy cheeks for the people I love most

okay, garden digging artifact #2: part of a packet of food coloring that came with margarine, probably from the 1940s?? Plastic sure does stick around, so uhh I put it on the mantel in a place of honor

(it used to be illegal for margarine to be sold already colored yellow so it came with food coloring!

the chipkins had supervised out time today, it was magical, I love them
(also Crybaby is getting some red feathering on his wings which scared the heck out of me at first because I thought it was BLOOD)

we've been doing a ton of digging this spring between planting trees and making garden beds, and I kept complaining that we hadn't found any "artifacts" yet

WELL today I found a 1936 buffalo nickel while digging a bed so I'm super pleased!! first artifact!! I'm a real archaeologist now, right

today I was humming, well, technically Bach but in my head it was the Tenacious D "Classico" version with swears and Laurel was like "Is that that song from DDR?" anyway millenials are killing classical music

this took entirely too long because I had to rescue it from color and composition choices made by six-months-ago Jey and honestly it might have gone quicker if I'd just started from the top but BEHOLD

my babies and their website:

This was for @yookalelee

I've been avoiding traditional art for a long time bc anxiety, but I was actually really pleased with how this turned out

I realized I haven't posted any art here for a while - fixing that now!

today we discovered MAPLE SAP ICICLES coming from maple branches that got trimmed along the road. tree popsicles!!! it was magical

Onions sprouting in toilet paper rolls! It's snowy outside but INSIDE WE FARM

Constance, the love of my life, lowkey nonbinary, reformed succubus, troublemaker, fucking icon

I can't believe little capsules of goo will just solidify INTO BIRDS under the right conditions. Fucked up if true.

soft fuzzy tiny stinky BABY BIRDS Show more

Rural living is wild, today on our way to see if more chicks had hatched there was a calf in the middle of the road and I had to get out and herd it back over the fence to its family

just, farm animals everywhere. farm animals on our way to farm animals.

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