food, farmin', squash talk 

being really petty 

"You ever want to just eat six klondike bars and go to sleep?"

- Laurel, telling it like it fucking is

pet death 


oh yeah, yesterday I heard rustling under some plants and wanted to see what it was so I got closer and a MOLE came out

it saw me and froze in fear, so I did the only logical thing, which was to reach down and pet it ever so gently with one finger

the mole peed

in fear

I am a monster

(it was very soft)

being petty in the farming fandom 3 

being petty in the farming fandom 2 

being petty in the farming fandom 

usually my anxiety gives me such acute Future Vision that I see every possible outcome of any action, but just now in a berserker fit, I punched the corner of the fridge to kill a carpenter ant and OUCH that hurt for a GOOD SEVERAL MINUTES good job self

workin on a portrait of Laszlo for @magpietongue and @LaureltheRadish (and me) because I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Laszlo was originally teenage Ezra's character and was overhauled by Ezra and Laurel years ago into the space-faring kiss boy he is today; he's kind of a shared baby.

I slaughtered twitter with these photos, so here are Mooncake's fluffy cheeks for the people I love most

okay, garden digging artifact #2: part of a packet of food coloring that came with margarine, probably from the 1940s?? Plastic sure does stick around, so uhh I put it on the mantel in a place of honor

(it used to be illegal for margarine to be sold already colored yellow so it came with food coloring!

the chipkins had supervised out time today, it was magical, I love them
(also Crybaby is getting some red feathering on his wings which scared the heck out of me at first because I thought it was BLOOD)

we've been doing a ton of digging this spring between planting trees and making garden beds, and I kept complaining that we hadn't found any "artifacts" yet

WELL today I found a 1936 buffalo nickel while digging a bed so I'm super pleased!! first artifact!! I'm a real archaeologist now, right

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