Farm stuff 

p.s. when I say tree, I mean saplings that are shorter than me. I'm not uprooting grown-ass trees.

Anyway I'm SO tired, but in a good way.

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Farm stuff 

Today I embarked upon The Great Transplantening: the previous farmers had planted a bunch of fruit trees and shrubs in random and honestly not-great locations, so I decided to finally move them. I moved the 5 aronia bushes to the outer big circular bed (I have 5 more coming in the mail, but still need more to fill the circle so I'm trying to root some cuttings) and the Asian pear tree to the center of the circle. There're still 3 apple trees to move but I don't know where to yet.

I pruned back all the raspberries today, something I didn’t do at all last year. Feels good to be able to do something that was previously too overwhelming. And it’s been sooo hecking nice out lately!

I played my first ever session of DnD yesterday and my orc bard immediately got kinda high on magic fey brownies, A++ experience

Thanks @JMHowell for being such an awesome DM!

friends, followers, countrymen: does anyone have recommendations for really good sports bras?

I need very supportive/high compression ones for farm work. I have one (1) that I really like that came from the evil site, and when I bought more a couple years later they turned out to be far worse quality than before with a weird fit sooo I really only have one decent bra.

Just farm work! 

All it achieved was making coop cleaning a fucking nightmare of trying to scrape all the poop and shavings out of an obstacle course of increasingly ripped chicken wire and hills and valleys of wood boards. Now the floor is smoooooooth. Feels good to make farm chores as streamlined and painless as possible! Next coop cleaning is going to be SO much easier. There's still things to fix in the coop to make it better, but this is a very good start.

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Just farm work! 

The snow melted enough that today I was finally able to clean out the (absolutely disgusting) chicken coop! AND I finally ripped out the torn-up chicken wire the previous people had put down on the floor of it, along with all the random pieces of wood that were screwed down that were supposed to keep the chicken wire in place. Not totally sure why they did that, because the building already has a wood floor and chicken wire isn't really that useful for keeping predators out.

Beetle keeps eating the ladybugs in my windows, proving you are what you eat

All my friends: *posting pictures of pretty spring flowers*

Me: ...a little bit of bare ground is finally starting to show from beneath the snow 🥲

We’ve been getting Beetle used to her collar and harness by putting them on her and giving her lots of treats, so this morning while she was impatiently waiting for it to be breakfast time she found her collar and harness on the table and started chewing on them and knocking them to the floor while looking at me. Like “please put the magic clothes on me that make the food happen”

She’s very smart and motivated entirely by food.

my family is planning to do some D&D so I've been making my character: big butch lesbian "half-orc" bard who plays the washboard (she was raised being told she was a half-orc and she believes it but she's just an orc). she got lil babirusa tusks! no name yet.

Right now my life only consists of insomnia and shoveling snow, that’s literally all I’m doing

Anyway, here's a sketch from yesterday. I was testing out a new hairstyle for June.

Art has been so hard (what else is new?) but I did a quick drawing of OCs Yevgeny and Laszlo

I'd like to contest the scientific law that heat rises. The evidence I'm presenting is: my freezing bedroom

I hate that the high I get from making art of OCs lasts like only a couple days at best and then if I want to see more exciting art of my characters I have to make it myself. Absolutely unfair. What kind of world is this.

Just a little 1-page comic of OC shenanigans. Laszlo is a bad influence and Toby is a being of pure anxiety.

I made AND ate my first pecan pie yesterday (yeah, I really never had it before somehow). It's really good! I always thought based on how it looked that it would be really dense and kind of dry, but it's actually really squishy. Like oozy caramel filling with pecans in it. I guess probably everyone already knew this except for me, but I experienced a galaxy brain revelation, haha

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