(mildly nsfw art)

ugh I can't decide if I should post this sketch on the birdsite or not, but hey, I've been having fun drawing OCs! Just over here skipping OC-tober prompts in favor of drawing makeouts ohoho

aaand skipping right on over the days I missed, here's 12: school. Just about the only canon thing pictured is Calla's seething hatred of Laszlo. Looks like in this AU, Laz gets his scar from a pencil to the face

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9: cowboy. I've been busy for the past few days, but here's Ode as a cowboy. I think the life would suit them, but unfortunately they live in space ≈200 years in the future. Bummer, sorry Ode.

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8: Pirate. These guys (Laszlo, Ode, & June) are actually space pirates, but dang it was fun to draw them as historical pirates.

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7: OC playlist. This was hard to pick bc I have several OCs with pretty robust playlists, but Toby has some real good songs and is the OC who gets all my anxiety and brainweirds (congrats toby). If nothing else, The Mute is an essential listen for Toby. This is a very abridged playlist btw.

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6: growing old. Hot take, drawing old people is more fun than drawing young people. Face lines add so much.

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@cryptovexillologist I thought you might appreciate this extremely 90s mtg relic of mine - my best friend printed me this card after I became obsessed with Mirri based on her telling me little bits of story from the novels. Marvel at that print quality! Be confused with me about why the type didn’t print and had to be hand written!

5: OC trading card. (skipped number 4, might come back to it later) TBH I'm old and not familiar with OC trading cards so I defaulted to the cards I know and trust. Birch is a new character!

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3: family. Sometimes a family is 6 queers on a spaceship. L to R they are: Yevgeny, Toby, Laszlo, June, Calla, and Ode. They also belong to @magpietongue and are part of a... VERY longstanding project

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2: childhood. Another character (sorta) from when I was a slightly older kid. A group of friends and I all had gem-themed alter-egos, and so much worldbuilding to go with them.

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oh yeah, I've been doing based on this prompt list twitter.com/retquits/status/13

So # 1: first OC. I dunno how far back anyone else is going for their first but I made this one when I was 6. His name is Horse and he starred in a newspaper-esque strip by the same name where he was a sassy troublemaker. Tbh it was pretty fun to redraw him

We've had frosts for the past 3 nights and it's 57°F in the house but we're not ready to embark on Winter Heating Expense Adventure. It's supposed to get warmer again this week! Every fall we play this game of chicken. Frozen chicken.


Love to be filled with anxiety 24+ hours in advance of a work day. And my job is fine, nothing to be anxious about anyway. My brain just cannot deal with A Thing Happening.

my trump-supporting aunt and uncle gave me $100 for my birthday and I just donated all of it to this gofundme for a queer black farm AHAHA: gf.me/u/ya7rdf

I wanted to find something awesome to donate to that they would hate, and I will continue to do so with any future birthday or christmas money I get from them

Adrian Lipscombe, a Black mama and chef, is raising money to purchase some farmland in Wisconsin to create a sanctuary for Black food and culture.

"My vision is to have a sanctuary to hold the history, food, and stories of Black culture in food and farming.   This land will be used to teach other how to farm, archive Black food ways and the importance of Black farms.  The 40 acres of land will tell the story of how Blacks grew food through our ancestral ways into today."


Black-led LGBTQ services and activist groups to donate to:

- The Okra Project

- Black Trans Travel Fund

- SNaPCo

- Black AIDS Institute

- Trans Cultural District

- LGBTQ Freedom Fund

- House of GG

- Trans Justice Funding Project

- Youth Breakout

I ordered some white strawberry plants yesterday because I was super stressed and I could justify retail therapy if it was for the farm haaaa

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