I’m making a neocities as a weird dump thing so check that out

I got into an argument with Inod Laudedlance. That's nothing to be bitter about.

— ïngiz Unolkûbuk, Carpenter

Been to out of it to art at all. Might do more sketches and writing scraps...

Does anyone know good mastodon apps? I’m using Tootle and it’s hit or miss.

Also those here, what do you wanna see from me? Comic sketches? Pinups?

Life stuff: I’m enjoying some “Outer Worlds” gaming. It’s amazing so far. Also gonna register to vote! Be active, y’all.

I’m gonna upload some game dev stuff here for those who wanna see. Gonna figure out vids and such.

The King Arthur 11 was the first probe ever developed to travel through Einstein–Rosen bridges - also known as wormholes.

After decades of travelling it suddenly disappeared and was never heard of again.

Only recently a historian discovered ancient military documents from the 20th Century reporting the sighting of an unusual meteorite that emitted the signature radio signal of the King Arthur 11 before crashing into the Pacific Ocean in a fiery explosion.

Fail u_u

Le masking tape que jai utilisé pour protéger le dessin des tampons que j'ai passé 1h à graver a arraché une couche de papier, aidé par la découpe dudit masking tape. Bref. Technique à affiner.

#mastoart #inktober

An one-eyed renegade soldier navigates an eperopolis, rife with terror... (Just an inside joke lol)

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