Angry little pufferfish guy, this counts as a mermaid right?

@Larn_draws Mermay? Mor like merMAD, amirite? 😆 (I love him.)

@Larn_draws Actually, I just consulted the Rules and I think this means you win mermay this year.

@Pekkuvaeltaja :O :O

I did it!!! And it's all thanks to this little angry man.

He is 100% voiced by Danny DeVito and no one will convince me otherwise

@Christian Yes! Absolutely! Anyone who thinks otherwise is wrong.

@Larn_draws is this maybe Murmur Huffnsquish, The Mermaid-Pufferfish™? 😲

@Larn_draws Depends how close he is to me. I'd err on the side of "Yes sir, you're a beautiful merman, of course, you have a handsome and strong tail!"

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