Oh hi! I guess I should do an

I'm Lauren, I'm a Canadian artist who works at a small game studio. I love plants, cats, and Dungeons and Dragons, and I also love to draw all those things. Give me a follow if you like my art, and don't mind a wildly inconstant posting schedule!

Wonderful art, have my follow! And welcome ☀️

@Larn_draws nice work! I really like the look on the bald character's face lol

@PROJECTaroid Thank you! He's a character from the show Our Flag Means Death, and his face is very good.

@stubbornphoenix Thank you! I love painting light (although I think most of my pieces end up being back lit 😅 )

@Larn_draws Welcome !
Your art is beautiful, I love the cute plant and the cute purple creature :blobaww:

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