I tried something new, so here's a chicken.

Roller ball pen and watercolor on tanned paper.

Little impressions from todays hike. I just love this time of year.

This landscape is formed by several now extinguished volcanoes. The forest is just gorgeous and the air pure.

The rock on the chain is a mystery to me. Maybe it tried escaping?

Just published a new real time tutorial (link in bio) as I was asked how to paint the fluffy texture.
Any questions and suggestions welcome.

Have a great weekend!

last year i endeavored to use the prompts to make illustrations that suggest interesting stories. this year i just draw more or less dragons

Can't sleep... the creek is so loud. It triggers my "it's raining - close the windows!"-inner alarm.

Photo from todays walk...

DAY 10: WING 🪲

a little atlas beetle for today’s
alcohol markers, pen and colour pencil

Prompt list is pinned on my page! 💜

Seventh leaf...

Painted and finished today. So far the last one.

More are definitely coming.

Have a creative day!

Sixth leaf...

If you have any questions on how to paint them or tips or supplies, fell free to ask! I welcome every nerdy art talk - always.

Here you can even see my little temporary art setup.

Fifth leaf...

You see, I've been here for over a week now and painted without thinking of posting these.
Sorry, that it might feel spammy today.

So far it was almost one leaf every day.

Isn't this one cool???

Forth "leaf"...

What I've learned so far: The leaves will dry quickly and curl once back, it helps to put them on a damp cloth to keep the moisture. If not possible, they need to be pressed for a few hours to remain straight for long enough to be painted.

Dry leaves also darken noticeably...

Third leaf...

It's definitely kind of a color mixing challenge to meet the hue and tone of the original. Fun fun fun!

Sorry for being absent... I'm travelling and hiking right now and have brought only limited supplies to art. What I'm fascinated with is painting leaves... so expect plenty!

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