This could be something I enjoy more than I thought I would. Why not put aquatic animals in the sky, right?
The jellyfish was painted in watercolor and will soon be available as a sticker.

It's ok to take a nap when exhausted. Take care of yourself <3

I'm editing watercolour paintings to print stickers and just had to give them goofy backgrounds. Enjoy the dumbo octopus ;)

Today I had a little update on a ressource for watercolor artists. Almost the full range of White Nights was added to the database including the results of the lightfastness test for most of them. The newest colours are being tested right now.

The site is still growing and more updates will come soon. If you find this tool helpful, spread the word.
btw. It's free and is intended as a ressource for artists. Enjoy!

As promised a fluffier, more stylized, animal for the postcard series. Hope you like the social distant hamster.

Stay safe my friends!

So... Another octopus. I will turn to fluffier animals soon. This postcard too will go to a friend. If anyone feels like a postcard would cheer them up, contact me.

Stay safe!

Ok ok... i could stop now, but I won't... I'm still painting watercolour postcards to cheer up friends during lockdown. Stay safe everyone!

The thing is... I'm curious about artsy stuff, about the world and how I can combine weird art supplies...

So today I played with fountain pen ink on yupo... Turns out, you easily can wash all that away in seconds.

More lasting art is coming soon. :bob_ross:

Me being silly me and still painting postcards for anyone, who wants one. I hope this makes people happy.

Hello fellow artists. So there is a huge watercolour database I'm building with swatches, pigment information, a lightfastness test, info on binder and properties. It's free and is updated regularly. If you're curious go over and visit

So far it's not well known, but if you find it useful, I would appreciate a repost or like? Thank you :bear_hugs:

Sometimes using fountain pens is so freeing when doing art. Sketchy lines, no drawing ahead. Nature is the most relaxing to go to for me.

This one drawn for a fountain pen review, that is coming soon.

Stay safe!

Painting postcards to make people happy. I clearly do struggle with the illustrative style and are more comfotable with the more realistic paintings. Postcards were sent out to make people happy. More are to come.

Stay safe!

Yesterday I was taking an online class on painting animal eyes and I think it went ok. It's always good to take another perspective and practice more - on any level of experience. That's the only way to improve.

More classes are waiting for me. This ine was by Denise Soden on Skillshare.

Some less trashy art for a change...

Watercolour piece. There will be a video. The paints were not the best, but the paper is.

Don't know why, but sharing on mastodon feels so freeing.

Greetings to all fellow humans.

Seems like painting on trash is my thing now.

For this one I wrote a little story that you can read on my blog. Link in bio.

Watercolour and gouache on a teabag.

What do people paint on such a ressoucefully harvested surfac as teabags durng these difficult times? Of course a corona virus!

"Corona and Tea"
Watercolor and gouache on teabag.

There's a video on youtube for curious people with a pup guest.

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