A big ol' tree today. Old work in oils. Im having a hard time painting, getting motivated. Hopefully I'll find my creativity again some time soon.

A study/recreation of a pic. Need to remind myself to let pigments mix on the page and to use more water so my watercolours look like watercolours.

I played with Gouache on paper and it creates this weird yet beautiful texture. All pigments are non granulating. I need to try it with the same colours oft watercolour to compare the effect.

Feel sciency today 🤣

I really need to show y'all one of the pics a friend of mine did of his pet mouse because I can't stop laughing

@eric sorry that it took so long to paint the Northern Cardinal. This one is for you!

Gouache on wood.

@Lana I'm not sure about brands yet but 100% cotton watercolour paper is awesome!

Now that Trump is banned on Twitter... Do you think, he'll come here to toot his nonsense?

... Because if he will, I need to leave.

Busy day! I did not paint, but used my energy to add more swatches to sunandcolors.com ! We have 868 colors now in the database with most already being tested for lightfastness.

Today the results for handmade paints were uploaded. Most made by my friends, who create their paints with love and passion. They have amazing quality, often rare pigments and are made for artists by artists.

Link to the database in bio.

Also... I got more to Swatch for the collection!

uspol, racism, police 

Saw this by @Felipe_Cartoons@twitter.com.

I mean, it's essentially "some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses" as a drawing, but.

What is the gnu/linux distribution that artists here use?

Newest frog is born! Frog phase definitely not over yet. But it helps recording a tutorial on the whole process of painting with watercolors and gouache on wood.

Have a wonderful evening/night!

Also... I've noticed that autocorrect corrected German into Herman and I'm bumped. Excuse any weirdness in the posts, autocorrect is playing games there.

Hi! I had a fun Interview for the Herman podcast Roboter und Pilze with @lordampersand @lordampersand
and got too talk a lot about watercolours, pigment nerds, my art and sunandcolors.com as well as not eating paint. 😉

If you're curious listen here: open.audio/library/tracks/1035

Have a great and creative day everyone!

Eine neue (Sonder)Folge von Roboter 🤖 & 🍄 Pilze ist online. Ich unterhalte mich mit @Lana über Wasserfarben, Pigmentnerds und Kunst im Fediverse.


Nächste Woche geht es weiter mit den wöchentlichen Updates.

If you like art podcasts and speak German - I had the pleasure of interviewing @Lana and talk with her about watercolors, pigment nerds and art on mastodon.


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