Tested laminating watercolours and how they hold up to light.
There is a full blog post for anyone interested with scans, link in bio.

Summary: laminating won't destroy your painting, it will look fine, great for bookmarks, but it does not protect your art from fading if you use fugitive colours.

In the watercolour database you can look up how your colours could change with time: sunandcolors.com/ there have been many additions lately.

Have fun!

Got a book to improve... It basically says to copy others to be successful. I'm disapointed and in a weird situation, where I want to finish the book, because I always do yet I do not enjoy a bit of it.

Joined in a challenge by a friend who provided prompts of a black and white painted hand holding a bird skull, so I did this... Liked this position of the hand better and it appears more admiring to me.
Haven't painted a hand in... Years, maybe I need to paint more humans. What do you think?

I got a tablet from my partner to be able to play a bit digitally... and while I like it a lot, I dread the dependency from Google and the play store. It's so bewildering that I pay so they can collect data more comfortably...?

Last study for today. Another rabbit, this one is a baby rabbit. I did it in Clip Studio Paint again.

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Louisville, Kentucky 2021-11-08.

These tiny birds move around a lot and are difficult to photograph.

#bird #birding #nature #photo.

A work in project. A friend started a little challenge and provided prompts. While I can't share her photos, here is what I've done so far.
Hands is something I didn't paint in a while and black can be flat, so it was a big challenge. I think I'm doing ok so far though.

What do you think? What are your ? I'm curious what you all work at.

Another bunny painted with liquid graphite (while it feels like charcoal) for the newest video.

I can't express enough how satisfying it is to me to work without a pencil drawing. Something's off? Go with it. Mistakes are part of the process and finished artwork. It's a bit messy, but that's fine. The lines are wild. The shapes bold. There are no rules given by myself to hold on to. It feels like freedom. I paint shadows to create light. I'm in love with the process.

Happy Easter my friends!

Dante digitally dressed up to say hi. :)

Played around a bit... Sketching with brush only, simple lines, shades and loose strokes. That's what my busy mind needs to calm and ground itself.

Hope you have something to soothe your soul too.

Have an awesome day my friends!

Painted with watersoluble graphite.

Finally finished the review on the Sennelier 14 half pan travel palette. This one really gave me something to work on. While the paints itself were lovely to use, the colour selection is weird. 5 of the 14 colours are reds, this limits the amount of possible colour mixes a lot. This also really troubled me and gave me a hard time to actually properly use it.
So finally this is done. In the photos you can see the final painting and the culprit. :)

Just look at those 3 cute little babies looking up at the parent.

I looked it up and both parents will sit on the nest, though the Mother usually spends more time on it.

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I saw a post about new stamps in UK with Star Trek motives... Need those in my life badly...

Just a bit inbetween. We have new art supply storage in the office. I don't have a studio, but paint in the office. So it got a bit full and storage place was needed.
So here is Dante showing off the new treasure.

Ok... So I think I warm up to this watercolour palette by Sennelier. It has too many reds and the colour mixes are a bit weird - there will be a full review soon. But the paints are lovely to use, very pigmented and so flowy. In water it comes to life and moves so beautifully.

So this was another piece I've painted. Working on another one for the video now.

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My first focaccia! Made it to celebrate the much-welcomed coming of spring 💐 ❤️🌷

It's depressing to realise that when things finally "get back to normal" for the majority of people, the rest of us will still be left having to come to terms with the fact that we're now more certain than ever that we're surrounded by selfish idiots.

Am 23.3. ab 20 Uhr beschäftigen wir uns mit #NoCovid und der Modellierung der Pandemie. Dr. Viola Priesemann hielt bei der DPG einen Vortrag. Wir werden diesen anschauen und im Anschluss mit Frau Priesemann darüber und über NoCovid diskutieren. Kommt vorbei!


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