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Hiya I'm lalamlou a I love drawing cute girls💗 and I try to make my art colorful and sparkly✨ ! I draw my ocs and make some but I also do some fanart! I'm in a lot of fandoms too! I'm new here but I really think this place has potential!

heya i'm dilly! artist from malaysia, i draw furries and human/oids and i love my ocs alot
i draw too many headshots and headshots only
i'm shy and need to get better with posting but feel free to talk to me ! <3

✨ comm info:
✨ IG:
✨ DA:
✨ Twitter:
✨ Discord: dillykai#2225

Hey, I'm emily ♥️

💖 I love pixel art
💖 I draw cute girls
💖 octopath traveler & fe:3h are my current obsessions

This one is already included in my intro toot but I wanted to share it on its own!
This illustration was done for a free digital zine featuring various Dragalia Lost characters ✨Pia is such a sweet bean 😭 I'll post the links in a reply, please check it out ❤️

V2~! Hey Mastodon, i’m Hannah and full time comic artist and part time magical girl 🌞 I draw a lot of dreamy prismatic things and I like cartoons ✨ I also read stars and fortunes. 🌠🔮


oh yeah i made this gif a while back!! the blinking is a bit odd but look at her...... i love her...

Since there is a lot of newcomers, I want to remind all artist women than if you want me to follow you and boost your art, you just have to say it.

These are my first attempts at some pixel art! I really enjoyed working on these, they were super fun and relaxing 😊

Redoing my ! Hi, I'm Court/Nyxal and I love drawing cute girls and bright colors! I also have a webcomic, Crossed Stars, which you can read on Tapas!

✨ Twitter:
✨ Tumblr:
✨ Patreon:
✨ Ko-fi:
✨ Tapas:

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