And after days its finally done, this was a very challenging drawing mostly because of the complex background. The file got corrupted during the process but I was able to recover an earlier version and continued the drawing.This is related to my last drawing of a cat creature.

Last update of the night, i already regret doing a city as background. i am not even halfway done and i still need to paint the character...

I think this is the most challenging background I have ever done. the colors are all masks for the painting that will come next.

Another thing I did these days was to try to draw my Warframe Tenno OC called Kaz, I have a lot of trouble drawing humans but I am trying to learn them.

still working on the sketch, but i am finally satisfied with it.Now will move on with the rest of the drawing.

this took way longer than i expected but i liked the result. An anthro cat walking through the city passing through an occult shop that seems to have something watching him.

this has been sitting on my pc for a long time so i decided to finish this cute frog monster

hey people, I want to find more artists to follow so if you draw including the too, or other or or fandoms like just let me know, you can reply, favourite it, retweet it whatever just make me know.

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I decided to change my nick on most art related plataforms to something i can use without being sued and something that relflects me better so even tho i will keep this account as LainCelebi i changed my display name to LunarKreatures. I will redo my introduction soon to reflect changes

a random cat i did yesterday, still trying to get back into drawing. also trying to get better at simplifying my style.

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