A quick Nidoking, has been a while since I did traditional artwork so did this as a warm up of sorts. And I just love Nidoking.

and its finished. i really liked how this came out and for some reason the painting gives me a traditional feeling. i dont even know why maybe it was all the watercolor brushes i used. I also used dragon breath stone as inspiration for the eyes.

These days i have been studying programming much more than drawing. But recently i sketched a chubby dragon that i need to finish still

and its done! I guess the painting could be better but this was fun to do. I love Heather and she is probably my favorite character of the whole silent hill series.

a wip of what i am working on, a fanart of heather from silent hill 3. she is one of my favorite characters and sh3 is one of my favorite games.

finished my style test, I wasnt in a mood to do a clean lineart but i kinda like the result. # tenno

One of the biggest struggles I have is liking a semi realistic style for humans but not finding fun to draw in that style. So now I am in a place that I am trying to see which style I like to do.

something i am working on, i am trying to finish this but its to hot to draw in my room right now so probably will finish later.

hi there, just formated my pc, starting the year as a new slate. thinking of putting dual boot with linux. which distros do you guys recomend, i am focusing on debian/ubuntu based distros for now.

so like i have been saying i am trying to get better at drawing my character kaz, i think i am getting better at drawing her

Hey there people, I have been very inactive these months. I have been programming in Python a lot. It's a really useful language, also I have been trying to get into making music so I am studying music theory. This is something completely new to me but I want to try. But if everything goes well I will try to work on some drawings this weekend

finally i have something to show, have been training faces and styles to draw my characters. Both of these are based on my character kaz, still trying to come up with a good style to draw her.

hi everyone, many things have been happening this month, i have been trying to improve a lot but still dont have anything to show. most of my studies right now are reproductions of other artists so I will keep them to myself. but i hope i can show how my art improved from them soon.

did this for a friend their warframe tenno oc xan a bit more demonic than usual, this time I tried using both krita and medibang, ran into many problems but learned a thing or 2.

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