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btw i made a gamedev account so i can post my progress in game making without spamming this place just follow me on @lainfenrir if you are interested

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Well i just joined so its better for me to make a small

You can call me either Larissa(my real name) or Lain. I love drawing monsters, creatures, animals and anthropomorphic animals.

Instagram: @LainCelebi
Twitter: @larik11

i gave up on inktober, it wasn`t being good for my mental health. i prefer spending my time doing something good than rushing drawings everyday.

Inktober Day 2 Pisadeira. A creature that is a bit similar to the legend of the nightmare, she steps on your chest while you sleep making you have sleep paralysis while she looks at you laughing as you can't breathe

I am doing Inktober this year digitally, my theme is drawing brazilian monsters as rpg like monsters. and i totally forgot to post it here yesterday
day 1 matinta pereira.

wip of a new drawing, this time a tiger boy, will try to manage finishing this one while doing inktober at the same time

its finally done, just a random dragon boy but for so long i have been trying to do this painting style in krita and i finally found out the right brushes for it.

so decided to finish one of the sketches i was doing, serph is one of my favorite characters from digital devil saga

some wips i am working on, all these are serph from digital devil saga i am trying to continue practicing humans.

something i did for a trade on tumblr. the character isnt mine they belong to very-salty-tenno. i am testing a new painting style.

Did some studies today, trying to understand muscles they usually give me lots of trouble.

did another drawing to test my tablet, this time i used medibang paint pro and it works fine with it. this is my warframe operator again her name is kaz.

testing my xp-pen deco 03 with krita, had no problems with it. made my character from a werewolf rpg, her name is Anna Ivannov, she is a stargazer garou

ok last update on my issue with krita and deco 03, you can change the shortcut for the popup palette so this solves all the small issues i was having with krita, now i just need to draw

ok so to be fair, the right click of the deco 03 is not recognized in gimp, or mypaint either, which is fine i dont use right clicks with pen in those programs so this doesnt bother me. my problem with krita is that i dont think you can change the bindings for the pop up palette and that is kinda sad

Another thing I bought was a new drawing tablet, a xp-pen deco 03. My intuos 4 still works well but I really wanted to try out a new tablet with more sensitivity and no way I am buying another Wacom tablet. It's a bit glitchy with krita, with some weird lines that I was able to fix using weighted smoothing or the dynamic brush, the only thing I can't fix is the right click for the pop up palette cause only krita doesn't recognize the right click. But works well with medibang.

I am finally back home, was on vacation in USA visiting my family and bought lots of art supplies, I can't wait to use them more, I really want to get back into traditional art

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