some tests for the brushes I am making, their inspiration are the watercolor brushes from medibang. Tried to replicate some brush tips from medibang in krita too. hopefully I will be able to release them soon, I just need to find better names for them and redo the brush thumbnails cause they are a mess, though i will probably take a while to test them a bit more.

One test i did using the brushes i am making, i am not used to paint in this style so it's being a bit hard to test. Still doing many changes on the brushes.

Past few days i have been working on some krita brushes that feel a bit similar to medibang paint pro watercolor brushes. Still need a lot of improvement but so far the results seems fine.

So there is this meme on twitter to draw the wolf face. Don't usually do these art memes but this one looked fun.

I started this drawing last year, hopefully i will finish this soon. Trying a more comic book style shading this time and its a lot of work....

has been a while so here are more wolf teeth studies i have been doing, not really happy with these but well...

its finally finished, this took so long, wanted to show a more animal side of werewolves so this time a werewolf enjoying her dinner.
warning for blood and dead animal, however its not realistic.

update on what i am working hopefully will finish this today
Sensitive for blood even though not realistic.

a wip of what i am working now, another werewolf.This time a werewolf after attacking a sheep
marking as sensitive just cause drawing of a dead sheep, not sure if needed but well.

So I am in a werewolf mood so here is a basic werewolf for just wanted to go with the traditional black werewolf with red eyes.

Newest drawing, I was missing drawing werewolves so here is my werewolf the apocalypse character Anna Ivannov also known as Collector of Bones. Made in krita

Some drawings I did on my sketchbook these days, I am trying to work more with pens.some I did only with pen and other I used pencil to define some forms first

past months i havent drawn much, but this is a bit of painting experimentation i did, not much of a painter myself i am still trying to find a way to paint that i actually enjoy.

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