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btw i made a gamedev account so i can post my progress in game making without spamming this place just follow me on @lainfenrir if you are interested

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Well i just joined so its better for me to make a small

You can call me either Larissa(my real name) or Lain. I love drawing monsters, creatures, animals and anthropomorphic animals.

Instagram: @LainCelebi
Twitter: @larik11

kinda of an old sketch that i wanted to work on again and this is the result so far, the wings took forever to get right, redid them so many times. This is lady puff, she is a vampire like creature

btw i made a gamedev account so i can post my progress in game making without spamming this place just follow me on @lainfenrir if you are interested

finally finished this, did lots of experimentation with this one. this is the main character of my plataformer game for now i am calling her Pandora, not sure if i will keep the name tho.

a quick drawing to help me take my mind of programming for a while, i really love this style of drawing, totally forgot how much i loved crosshatching. and i actually had someone asking to use it as an illustration for a free rpg book! couldnt be happier

not much about art but wanted to show what i am doing these days, so i am working on a game and was implementing look up, crouch and wall jump. (these are all placeholder graphics) using godot for this. i guess i will make a gamedev account later.

finished the demon after many crashes from krita 4.0.2. more like i gave up cause i wanted to finish this yesterday, this was an exercise to test out somethings i learned in a udemy course

Wow never had so many crashes like I had today, krita 4.0.2 is crashing a lot for me. Somehow I feel like it's the instant preview fault cause I noticed all the crashes happened while instant preview was loading. And after I disabled it didn't have any other crashes. But I only noticed this after like 10 crashes. Will see how to get a log and to make a report and try to replicate it tomorrow

trying out somethings i learned in a udemy course, like using colors for values.

today's sketch another robot. i really miss these more round shaped robots. if anyone knows the anme of this style of robot please tell me

Yesterday's sketch an idea that ws on my mind for sometime a robot creature. generic design but just quickly putting ideas on paper

Okay this is the last part of the sprite spam, I was testing more sizes, 64px allows lots of details but also takes more time to polish so I tried 46 and 48px, small difference but allows for a bit more detail.

So i made a 32x32 version of my character to test if this size would work with the sprite still not sure if i like it this small, i want more details on the protagonist

so this has been taking the whole day to make, has been years since i made a pixel art. this is the protagonist for a platformer game i am working on. i am accepting critiques

So today marks 10 days of 30 days of sketches. I still need to do today's drawing and I need to do a punishment for missing one day, but so far it has been fun.

This one I did yesterday wanted to train a new way to paint, ended up not liking this style much. But well it was a paint study after all.

So now I have 3 sketches I did these days first time trying to draw a mechanical monster

today's sketches, and the difference of using a reference for an ocelot XD