Building the is honestly where I'm feeling the most out of my depth. I want it to be rustic & pretty, but also simple, functional and accessible. Any thoughts on what I got so far?

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@LadyIcepaw Looks lovely. The translucent in the dialog would cause me minor problems but I love how it fits.

@dmoonfire Thank you! I've added a setting in the options to switch from translucent to opaque black textboxes, for anyone who prefers that extra contrast 👍

@LadyIcepaw looks amazing so far! On your save page, maybe merge some buttons together so it doesn't look as crowded, information is good but sometimes too much overwhelms a player

@LadyIcepaw It looks beautiful so far. I think the main thing is to make sure there's sufficient contrast between the lettering and bg. You might want some indication of "clickability" too, like a dropshadow, bevel, or hover border. Make sure to view the interface using color-blindness filters.

@LadyIcepaw This is looking nice. Will it run on other-than-PC when done, by any chance?

@nomad Thanks! I can't really say whether there'll be a mobile version of the game. For now my goal is to just get it running on Windows, Linux and macOS!

@LadyIcepaw I was thinking switch :)

I'm looking forward to playing it in some form or another.

@LadyIcepaw I should be clear, having it available on Linux & MacOS is great! So many games are doze only. It's nice to see other platforms being supported.

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