Building the is honestly where I'm feeling the most out of my depth. I want it to be rustic & pretty, but also simple, functional and accessible. Any thoughts on what I got so far?

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@LadyIcepaw Looks lovely. The translucent in the dialog would cause me minor problems but I love how it fits.

@dmoonfire Thank you! I've added a setting in the options to switch from translucent to opaque black textboxes, for anyone who prefers that extra contrast 👍

@LadyIcepaw I think it looks good!

On the title screen, the bottom-right "lovewood 1.1" version text stands out more to me than the title text on the sign (in front of the characters), so you can consider increasing the contrast on the sign? Or make the version text smaller/less contrasty.

Same could go for the menu text (making it white instead of off yellow on wooden bg), though it likely does pass accessibility tests like

@LadyIcepaw A more aesthetic-related suggestions:
The "Preferences" menu text is a bit close to the edge of the wooden border; rather than make the text size smaller, you could change the wording to say "Options" instead

Your game looks super charming and beautiful! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this, good luck!

@dirchansky Thank you so much, that was mighty helpful! 👍 I darkened the sign for more contrast, and the title in the bottom right will be absent in the final version, so there won't be any confusing double mumbo-jumbo. While white text is already reserved for selected menus, I brightened the text on the buttons just a bit more and I like how it looks with those tweaks! 😊 Changing Preferences to Options was brilliant, that's the kind of idea I don't get by myself, haha

@LadyIcepaw I’m glad you found the suggestions helpful and ultimately like how it turned out!! I think the contrast looks nice as well 👍

I am all about finding shortcuts to shorten text instead of changing UI design 😂😂😂

@LadyIcepaw looks amazing so far! On your save page, maybe merge some buttons together so it doesn't look as crowded, information is good but sometimes too much overwhelms a player

@LadyIcepaw It looks beautiful so far. I think the main thing is to make sure there's sufficient contrast between the lettering and bg. You might want some indication of "clickability" too, like a dropshadow, bevel, or hover border. Make sure to view the interface using color-blindness filters.

@LadyIcepaw This is looking nice. Will it run on other-than-PC when done, by any chance?

@nomad Thanks! I can't really say whether there'll be a mobile version of the game. For now my goal is to just get it running on Windows, Linux and macOS!

@LadyIcepaw I was thinking switch :)

I'm looking forward to playing it in some form or another.

@LadyIcepaw I should be clear, having it available on Linux & MacOS is great! So many games are doze only. It's nice to see other platforms being supported.

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