Looking forward to the new episodes! I have the feeling that this show will totally be my jam.
🐒 🐒 🐒 🐒

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Something very quick and very different :D
I was feeling a bit frustrated lately - understatement, extremely frustrated the last few days - so I guess you could call this vent art :D

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I figured it was about time for a new icon (my old one was from 2016!)

The coloring was inspired by CLAMP's CCS art, I've always loved the soft colorwork in those illustrations.

The flowers are my three favs, muscari, peony, and forget-me-nots πŸ’ ❀️

The outline is in the colors of the Ace flag!

Combining markers with gel pens is a nice way to access a larger colour pallette! Here's some of the Dreammakers cast in a more polished style. ^u^

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the ET unit cops of Caspesia, Kea S. Nail and Ryo Yoshida.
Not so much "cops", but moreso cleaner uppers around the island.
Kea's an asshole who is sent there to be nicer, and Ryo is her partner trying to help change her so she's not a prick.

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Ryo isn't accustomed to Kea's inability to deal with things peacefully.
Her line of work involved a lot of fighting, so she jumps on the chance to deal with things in a "bad cop" way.
Ryo's way is a little more "casual", aka not fighting people.

Ivor certainly makes for a good vent character. Been combining markers and gel pens for this one - It's a bit messy to work with, but lots of fun!

Played around with some gel pens and really liked how this drawing turned out. 🌈 🌿 🎡

Am I the only one who thinks that Donnie's hovering device looks kinda like a giant fidget spinner?

The cover illustration for Dreammakers - Can't wait to start releasing the first pages of the comic!

According to the wiki, Donatello's species is supposed to be a softshell turtle... which is also known as Pancake turtle!

First time drawing Donatello from Rise of the TMNT! Also, cel shading practice! ^u^

My part of an art trade: Family karaoke time with the Ravens! 🎀 🎡

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Been testing Plastic Animation Paper 4.0 - Seems like I finally found an animation program that got all the functions that I need! :D I focused too much on individual frames during this test, next time I'll try paying more attention to timing and snappy movements.

A drawing of Sylvaria and Sabrina from Son of Witches! Love drawing these two ladies.

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