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Hi! I am currently releasing a webcomic called Dreammakers, which is free to read on deviantArt ( and Tumblr ( Two chapters (53 pages in total) are uploaded so far.
If a story about a nerdy teen dragon boy, a creepy little girl and lucid dreams sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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Each portrait is $8 and includes a digital pencil sketch with monochrome "color" !

I can do most humanoids, up to and including real people!

DM me for inquiries or questions; If there's something you'd like me to do (add color, a pride flag, etc) I can do so, just let me know!

(Boosts are appreciated! ❤️ )

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Pretty sure I could write off this arcade visit as plushie research.

The theme for this month's Vestiphobia magazine is Jersey June! They encountered some... logistical problems during the cover photo shoot. 🎽

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Grumpy plant boy, eye contact 

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Color and Style test of that character I posted before from the comic I'm working on. It's neither the art style nor the colors that I want but that's development for ya. I still like it as a standalone piece :)
He isn't even the main character, just the one whose design is the furthest~

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Telenykas doesn't realize the finger is a positive gesture, and returns it to the crowd unkindly.
I wanted to use a color palette similar to a Metallica concert from '89.
It was fun.
Felt nice to not bother with trying to clean up the lineart.

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I'll admit, I don't really get - why draw the same thing for a whole month? And whats with the mermaid craze in general?
Oh well, I decided to make one anyways.
Sea cucumbers vomit in self defense. There is something dark about that when you bring a human into that.

Back when I made the Geekover drawing, I brainstormed a bunch of Abbie's interests so that I had ideas on how to decorate her room! 💙

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In an earlier post I was unhappy with my inking. I think people nowadays often see being self-critical as negativity and forget that it can be used for good. This is the kind of inking I want to do! :D Next step is figuring out how to convert that style to coloring...

Another character in progress from my comic in development. An intelligent but incendiary guy who doesn't know theres a world beyond the place he's confined in.

I liked this drawing a lot, so I finally put some colour on it! The Magical Adventure Team is diving into the unknown world behind the mirror 🌠

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"Eternal optimist"
Hard to resist
But I must insist.
I will not last that long.


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Hey y'all! We're soft launching that discord server I mentioned!

Your moderators are @renardroi , @mothpop , @Peachiepop , and me! We have a lot planned but we're going slow for now. That being said, we'd love to see you there! Creators of all types are absolutely welcomed!

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Yes, I do love the rain
Though, sometimes' it's a pain
If it comes too often or too much
Causing floods and other such.

Sunshine and fair breezes
Can also bring on sneezes.
So let us share this oath
To smile when we see both.

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Finally finished a big ??? piece??? for once?? holy shit!!

This is a redraw of an old piece from a year to a year and a half or so ago! Matteo is just happily engaged, dudes...he's daydreamin' !!!

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A bit late for the Relic :D First draft for a minor character from my comic - a mess of a rock star past his glory days who serves as the wise old man in the story. Mostly an excuse to try inking with my new brush pen with actual bristles, a Kuretake, and it's AMAZING.

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