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Hi! I am currently releasing a webcomic called Dreammakers, which is free to read on deviantArt ( and Tumblr ( Two chapters (53 pages in total) are uploaded so far.
If a story about a nerdy teen dragon boy, a creepy little girl and lucid dreams sounds interesting to you, feel free to check it out! I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

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Gave my octoling Neptune a counterpart for my story. In Spiral Storm, she is a dragonfly. In this verse, she is still the same personality-wise. Nep also wields dual fans to give out harsh air cutters and use the fans as boomerangs ( it’s like cutter kirby with bluster element). While not using her fans as offense, Nep also likes to visit chill places like a museum to look at ancient art and other displays

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This is old, from 2013, but I still like it :D
It's the second 3D render I ever made, during my first internship and the Animation Company I'd later work at.
I did everything about it. I only had MentalRay and Mayas default fur engine at the time.

Subeta allows the submission of custom pet images, so I made one for Ivor, based on the Field Harvester pet species. :D


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my friend on discord was discussing about our sploon OCs to have a counterpart to our stories! Went ahead to make my inkling Saturn a bunny, which is funny 'cause they WERE bunnies in the splatoon beta. The idea was kinda stuck to me at first until an artist(NiKingPly) inspired me to perma-make her as a bun, since his bunny OCs were amazing!
So yea, here's Saturn in the Spiral Storm verse. She's the same except she carries more of her bunbots!

The cover for the second Vestiphobia magazine: This month's theme is Fabulous Fairytale February!🌹

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We've just cracked open the 4th chapter of the Dreammakers webcomic. Maybe give the comic a read if you haven't already?
It's up on deviantArt ( and Tumblr (

An entry that I made for a contest on deviantArt! Really love how this one turned out. Kawaru's design belongs to Jim Pavlica (neonUFO) ☀️

An art trade piece, showing the RP personas of a buddy and some of his friends! Such a cute request to draw 🌟

The Raven family from Son of Witches - My part of an art trade that I finished for Christmas ^u^

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For every month of 2019, I'll try drawing a cover of Vestiphobia, the in-universe fashion magazine of ! Prepare for lots of flashy colours and ridiculous alliterations.

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