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Have a disembodied mouth and nose for today!
My teacher critiqued my stuff a lot today, in the end I think it lead me to a breakthrough - mentally at least, now I need to translate it into my drawings~

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We started portraits this week!
I didn't manage to finish mine, and theres so much to learn, but I'm looking forward to it!

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I made something \O/ A complete thing. Hopefully I will finally do more in the future - I already have a new idea :D
I got lazy with the background, it was supposed to be a secret lab kinda thing, but now it's probably too abstract to be able to tell. Oh well~

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Our Art Teacher spoke to us today: "I am very proud of you. Not of the results. The results are not very good. But you are all trying very hard and that I'm proud of."

I tried my teachers hatching method today. Its super messy close up but it kinda works from further away...

I just googled my username and searched for pictures. I am somewhat concerned about the related search terms...

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I'm back from the dead and can continue with !
Sorry for the low-contrast photos X.x

that I made for a friend: Sylvaria and Sabrina from "Son of Witches".

Side-by-side comparison: Plain linerart, colouring with Copic markers and colouring with coloured pencils! Which one do you like best? ^^

I finally learned how to knit!! Used my newly obtained powers to make a tiny sweater for my Karkat plush. It looks terrible and I love it :P

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Had a really inspiring tonight. Here's my favourite from the 4 that I've made for it.

Trying to figure out some character designs for an original story. Here are some scribbles of Arti, he's the one I'm currently the happiest with!

Leaning as closely to each other as the ridiculous anime hair may allow.

Yesterday I made another super rough animation, but now I think I'm too lazy to clean up and refine each of the 109 frames. :P