The latest drawing for my Obstagoon son, Tasugo. He's been a big fan of Elvis Presley since he was a kid 💕

Through the Warrior Painters group I’m discovering so many amazing artists – right now I’m in love with the colours in Anthony Val’s art, so intense and friendly. Here’s some more of his work:

A couple of doodles for my OTP. Since the beginning i liked wooloo's cute design but when i discovered Obstagoon i knew they should be together forever 💕

Do you have that one friend (or couple of friends) that likes ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you draw?? 🤣 I have 2 and they mean so much to me. They have helped rising my confidence in art for +10 years now.

I'm hella tired but i so much want to draw something good after so long u,u
Luckily commissions keep coming, slowly but it's better than nothing! 😢

Blackwargreymon from my current commission. I'm gonna finish this tonight no matter what xD

ok, gamefreak, you gonna design a #pokemon to look like this and think i ain't gonna draw it?

#obstagoon #mastoart #fanart


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