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The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge of October 2019 is up!

The topic for this month's challenge is:

⚫ inversion ⚪

You can join the challenge in the KDE forum at

If you are not familiar with #krita yet, it is a free/libre drawing program with a lot of features and even animation support!
Check it out at!

The first beta for Krita 4.2.7 is out. There are many, many bug fixes, especially to the color selection dialog. Help us catch regressions! Check out , test the beta and do the survey!

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Got basic layer loading working for Painttool Sai import in .

There's still a ton not working, but I am happy with like, the 70% I can load now :)

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A little radial dabbling this afternoon to get my feet wet after two weeks of not doing art.The snowflake radial is just a warm up and is done; the planet one is still WIP and is themed after No Man's Sky.

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Well oops... just realized that some colours appear more washed out on my laptop screen.

so I've made a few adjustments my #picture, this should be closer to what I was going for... 😉

#art #mastoart #drawing #digital #krita #seaside #sea #ocean #cliffs #landscape #cartoon #style #cartoonish #myWork #creativetoot

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This one took a while, because I had trouble with the shading and ended up enlisting the help of @littletivor to help me figure out what was the light even Doing.
It turned into an exercise in shading/lightning and 's features haha.

Either way! More for the soul.

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drew kiki (krita's mascot)

forgot the tail on twitter no making that mistake again

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