@paperdigits @prokoudine That Apple doesn't object to our having everything under LGPL, so it's not gonna happen.

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Well oops... just realized that some colours appear more washed out on my laptop screen.

so I've made a few adjustments my #picture, this should be closer to what I was going for... 😉

#art #mastoart #drawing #digital #krita #seaside #sea #ocean #cliffs #landscape #cartoon #style #cartoonish #myWork #creativetoot

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This one took a while, because I had trouble with the shading and ended up enlisting the help of @littletivor to help me figure out what was the light even Doing.
It turned into an exercise in shading/lightning and 's features haha.

Either way! More for the soul.

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drew kiki (krita's mascot)

forgot the tail on twitter no making that mistake again

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y'a quelques temps on m'a commandé une image pour l'anniversaire de @shiro ,
y'a les fursonas de @marion et @FurryJulie dessus.

voilà, je l'avais pas postée alors je le fais :>

#mastoart #krita #artwithopensource

[cw nudité ultrasoft]

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Before and after redraw pic of my comic's first chapter image. The first picture was made in 2015, the second one today. You may give me some suggestions on how I could improve the second one, thanks.

#krita #art #mastoart #redraw #practice

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It's done *.*
I know that this is the wrong hour for visibility but I am so proud I will annoy you boosting it a 100 times tomorrow :D

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Super stoked about finally getting my first properly successful #archlinux install up and running. Leaving #manjaro to go to the source.

Made it beautiful thanks to the stunning artwork of @sylvia_ritter the #kde #plasma desktop environment, and the Sweet KDE theme.

5 image screenshot gallery pixelfed.social/p/kezzbracey/6

Sylvia's work is amazing, and all done with the brilliant #foss application #krita.

Go check out her gallery at sylvia-ritter.com/ and visit her at patreon.com/sylviaritter

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@Yncke Fixed. Overlooked the version number variable.

Krita 4.2.5 released (please update if you have 4.2.4; important bug fix!) krita.org/en/item/krita-4-2-5-

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After two months without a challenge, the #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge is back with the August 2019 edition!

The challenge topic for this month is:

🎈 childhood 🎈

You can join the challenge in the KDE forum now, at forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=

If you are not familiar with #krita yet, it is a free/libre drawing program with a lot of features and even animation support!
Check it out at krita.org!

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Canal de Youtube de @krita


Junto con el artista Ramón Miranda habrá material nuevo de manera regular.

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