@fakefred No, we don't do April fool's jokes. Not this year in particular, but we don't have the habit of doing it otherwise either.

WARNING for users of rolling release type Linux distributions, like Arch or Gentoo or KDE Neon: Qt 5.14.2 will break Krita. Once you have updated to that version of Qt, Krita will not start anymore. Use the appimage instead. See bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-

@Blort @qwazix No, Krita Gemini no longer exists. There's an Android version in the works, though.

New version = new bugs. Also more users = more bugs.

Please take any problem to krita-artists.org first: perhaps someone else has already solved it! If it turns out to really be a bug, here's a guide for bug reporting: docs.krita.org/en/untranslatab

Reporting bugs on mastodon.art is suboptimal; "hey, anyone else have this issue" is fine, of course, but don't expect a solution from us if you don't also report the issue elsewhere (as in the guide). The Mastodon wrangler isn't a developer.

@bull500 Try calling for help in krita-artists.org! There are lots of people there who love to help.

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Wow @krita is downright amazing! This is by far the most natural feeling paint program I've ever used.

Teen artists: if you want to be featured too, please send mail to irina@krita.org or reply here!

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The #kritachallenge Monthly Drawing Challenge of October 2019 has no participants yet and is still running until there are at least two entries!

The topic is:
⚫ inversion ⚪

Join now in the KDE forum at forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=

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