PSA: if anyone emails you from, or with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

@Zergling_man They *say* they want their ad on your social media. Another way to spam.

@Krita But it'd be hard to sell an ad that isn't for Krita, and if it is, the net result is... Free advertising for Krita? Not sure how that's in a spammer's interest.
I guess if they put their fake domain, that's about as good as it gets...

Fake domain you go if you click on the ad.
And perhaps you'll dowload a fake krita with a malware 🤔

@Zergling_man @krita I wouldn't expect such spammers to make sense.

@be @Krita I expect them to make sense in that they don't usually do this kind of thing just for the hell of it. They stand to gain something, otherwise they'd be off buying phone numbers to call and tell them about the viruses on their computer.

@Zergling_man @be @krita chances are that if you agree to host 'their ads' on your channel they'll tell you that they need money deposit to verify your identity or get the ads rolling or something.

@Zergling_man @Krita I suppose they might ask for your account credentials to „upload the ad“? Otherwise I agree that it‘s weird…

@krita is there a way to claim those domains? (probably costs a lot of money and time I would guess?) it's so scummy to abuse a cool project like this.

@conatus @krita Was gonna ask if this has been reported to the registrar, because "scamming" is almost definitely against their TOS and I'm certain it'll be against ICANNs

@seachaint @conatus @krita good luck if it's someone like namecheap or my experience they don't care if you are a spammer or scammer

@conatus Not if they've already been bought by someone else (except for more money than we've got). And even if we could, it would be impossible to buy ALL existing and not-yet-existing-but-possible krita.[whatever] domains and renew them every year.

@Krita my favourite part is how they start it with “hello dear.” this was written by my nan.

@binchicken @krita common greet from your typical Chinese vendor CS agent...

@Krita @q
Hello Sirs,

Krita team would like you to make promo wideo. Will you kindly do the needful?

Pajeet Patel

#ImageDescription for @krita's attachment to their original post warning against spam/scam proposals e-mails from unassociated domains, .io or .com, as described in their screenshot:

«Hello dear, please me give a moment of your time. Krita team is eager to collaborate with you.

Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor designed primarily for digital painting and 2D animation. It features an OpenGL-accelerated canvas, colour management support, an advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers and masks, group-based layer management, vector artwork support and switchable customisation profiles.

We would like to consider integrating a 30-45 second ready-made promo into your media space (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), can we consider that?

Sincerely, Krita - Digital Painting Studio»

@FiXato Thank you! I usually do that but I was so upset that it slipped my mind.

@krita no problem; these things happen.

(Though IIRC there are bots that can automatically warn you if you post media with descriptions, and both your instance or you yourself can add CSS to make undescribed media stand out by for instance adding a red border around them). :)

@krita I assume the from-headers are spoofed then?
Because it looks like the .biz isn't registered currently, .io actually redirects to your .org (though I guess it's possible they plan to eventually do a bait-and-switch to their own spam page once it gets enough traffic), and has been used by Swedish indie band Twig since at least 2008 (krita is Swedish for chalk, though aside from that I'm not sure why they picked that domain).

@krita one thing you can do is get these emails flagged as spam by GMail. There's probably a way to get to their abuse team.

As for namecheap not responding - that's where you go over their head and reach out to ICANN.

@Krita Is *any* email that starts with 'hello, dear' genuine 😂

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