WARNING for users of rolling release type Linux distributions, like Arch or Gentoo or KDE Neon: Qt 5.14.2 will break Krita. Once you have updated to that version of Qt, Krita will not start anymore. Use the appimage instead. See

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@krita Wait, so this *isn't* an April fool's joke. WAAAAAIIITT.

@fakefred No, we don't do April fool's jokes. Not this year in particular, but we don't have the habit of doing it otherwise either.

@krita thank you for that. The jokes can be funny but having every single company do one is just tiring

@krita Luckily, a patch to fix the problem is already included in the second revision of Arch's Krita package 😀

@Krita Why would krita use appimage instead of flatpak? i'm not a windows user so i don't want binaries i have to download from all over the internet and then re-download individually and manually in order to update. Adoption of Appimage by new gnu+linux users is a good way to have many users with out of date, and therefore vulnerable, software being forgotten on their computer. At least with flatpak they can run one (extra) command to update all their flatpaks.

@ITwrx There is a flatpak, but it's community maintained and not official.

@Krita well, i guess i could have checked flathub. :) Despite my preferences, i'm actually curious why the project chose to officially support Appimage instead of flatpak.
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