Retiring (it didn't work). More information here:

@krita This feels very familiar to my experience. It's really hard (and I also haven't succeeded yet) to build a platform where truly people help people and not few people answer the same questions all the time.

While Discourse solves the technical issues quite nicely, the social aspect is something I still think about how it can best be solved.

@Krita There is only one way to consolidate and make sure everyone joins the right place: take the current biggest place and migrate it to a more modern one. That's what blenderartists did and it worked crazy well.
(Ok, some old farts will complain for a while but you can't make everyone happy instantly)

@Krita I had on my RSS feed and it did seem there was a lot of folks not reading the manual... Hope you guys wind up finding your "holy grail" of forum/helpdesk ness soon!

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