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I want to make a quick disclaimer. Some of the art that I post will relate to mental issues that I deal with on a regular basis, and may be triggering for some people. I will always make sure to put trigger warnings on such works, but I want to be upfront about it now just in case.

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Hello everyone, I go by Kreeps.
I’m a nonbinary digital artist who’s trying to get their work out there.

However, I avoid most social media sites due to how rampant toxicity is. I made made an account on this instance in hopes of finding a kinder community.

It is nice to meet all of you, I hope you take a liking to my work.

My obsession with drawing girls in cute dresses will never be appeased.

I’ve yet to come up with a name for her. Anyone got any ideas?

Eye study I did just for fun.
In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I have no experience with realism.

The tattoo commission I did for my friend is finished! I think this is my best work to be honest.

(I do not have commission requests open right now, this is simply a favor I did for a friend)

Did this instance have an outage? I wasn’t able to log in for hours. Hope everything’s back to normal.

I’m going to be designing a Legend of Zelda themed tattoo for my friend. I’m really excited about it!

I decided to redraw one of my old OC’s. The improvements I’ve made over the years is insane!

Her name is Keres by the way.

Reference notes 

The fanart I made is referenced from this scene in the MV.

Oh, and here’s a link the song in question.

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Melty Land Nightmare is one of my favorite songs of all time. As always, I love drawing spacey skies🌌

Apologies for not posting in a while, I haven’t been that motivated lately.

Anyway, here’s my newest piece. I love how vibrant it turned out.

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long time no see! but im pretty proud of this one so i wanted to share :>

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Good morning, lovely masto .artists! :bowie_stardust:

A gentle reminder that we have many blind and partially sighted users here on the Fediverse who really appreciate alt text on images to help them be able to enjoy the wonderful content we share. You can do this by clicking 'edit' on the image after you've attached it.

If you don't have the spoons when you post your images, you can always ask in your toot for people to reply with image descriptions - we are a community, after all! <3

I decided to try my hand at using Procreate again. I must say, I forgot how pleasant it was to sketch.
Everything looks so much nicer.

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