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I've been meaning to do a Meet the Artist for the longest time and finally sat down to do it today!

I like to meet new people so if ya'll ever wanna chat, you can add me on Discord @ Dane#5168 😀

Homura Akagi.

Head of the Akagi family of a larger Yakuza. Homura looks after fire-based monsters and humans with fire-related interests. He is a fire demon based in a modern fantasy world.

His headquarters is based in downtown and the front for it is a construction company~

I've been meaning to do a Meet the Artist for the longest time and finally sat down to do it today!

I like to meet new people so if ya'll ever wanna chat, you can add me on Discord @ Dane#5168 😀

My little frog-alien scout Ivo! He's quite fun-loving and friendly, incredibly flexible as well! Ivo enjoys lounging in trees and munching on bugs in his spare time. 🐸

My motivation has been low lately because of work but here's my lovely boy, Rain! He's very guarded and cautious but he loves reading and just having time to himself.

My rockstar Stefan, his stage name is Philomel. He's sweet and approachable! He loves animals and has a few adopted pets, mostly birds and lizards.

I was being being self-indulgent and made myself a lol. His name is Takumi 'Tako' Shimizu and he's the Octopus Pillar. He's in his late 20's - early 30's and is the son of a fisherman. His sword is like a multi-bladed whip.

Would like to use him some time if possible! HMU other kyn ocs?!

Herne is very cold and distant. He doesn't care about being friendly with humans -- he's just there to do his job, get his money, and leave.

Liza, on the other hand, is gentle and motherly. She rushes to the aid of people without a second thought. She is unable to produce children of her own and has adopted several abandoned imps to take care of.

The siblings Herne and Liza Doran; monster hunters while being monsters themselves. Herne was a human forced to become a vessel for Ifrit and Liza is a succubus.

It's a long story but the House of Doran takes in lost/docile monsters and orphans and trains them to become hunters...most of them don't want be. They become bound to the duty of the Dorans through magic.


Mr. Vinh Ngo, gambling den owner and a part-time gangster. He's pretty happy-go-lucky as long as you don't make trouble in his establishment.

He's a character I made earlier this year but never had a chance to use yet but I day I get to, haha!

Slow goings on my end because of personal stuff but here's Dr. Sucre. He's a private doctor specializing in helping uncommon/rare alien races.

He is an alien as well! Sucre has a heightened sense of touch. He also smells like cotton candy, haha.

This is Rahn, my Moon Cat God! He was roaming the Earth for centuries looking for his missing half (Solaro, the Sun Cat God) and only reunited with him recently. 😭

He had been made to continue on his life while his partner was reincarnated -- always somewhere Rahn wasn't.

Meet my gal Majken!

She's actually an Impundulu/Lightning Bird in disguise. She works as a professional wrestler and will gladly throw down!

This is Nul! He's an incredibly blunt dragon-folk who works as a thief and assassin for hire.

His social skills are a little lacking but his loyalty is pretty good!

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This is the absolute best piece I've done so far this year. Initially it was meant to be fanart of a water nymph charter but since it's far from canonical, it's just an original piece now. I may change the gems on her head but otherwise she ended up perfect. I'd really like to do more like this at some point.

This is Heloise! She's a modern-fantasy witch of mine who specializes in poisons and illusions!

She doesn't liked to be bossed around and doesn't really care much for rules.

This is a little old but it's a favourite of mine. The full image to the handsome fellow in my header! His name is Royce Giroux-Larrivée and he's a retired sniper.

Currently living his best life buying useless brand name things and sprinkling gold flakes on everything!

I keep seeing Wooloo floating around so it reminded me of this Wooloo gijinka I made earlier this year.

His name is Davra and he's a gentle giant that just lives in a calm, quiet valley.

This is Lazaro and he's a demonic pirate that sails with his cousins!
He's the muscles of the group and likes to show off way too much and it gets him in trouble often.

He breaks things by accident a lot so his cousins don't let him handle fancy treasures. 💰

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I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧡 Portfolio:
🧡 Twitter:
🧡 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2!
🧡 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>


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