I keep seeing Wooloo floating around so it reminded me of this Wooloo gijinka I made earlier this year.

His name is Davra and he's a gentle giant that just lives in a calm, quiet valley.

This is Lazaro and he's a demonic pirate that sails with his cousins!
He's the muscles of the group and likes to show off way too much and it gets him in trouble often.

He breaks things by accident a lot so his cousins don't let him handle fancy treasures. 💰

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I'm Simon or Stern, i'm a german hobby artist and engineer and I love to draw fantasy, angels, dragons, scifi and some fanart. Feel free to suggest art projects and zines!

🧡 Portfolio: artstation.com/sternengreif
🧡 Twitter: twitter.com/sternengreif
🧡 Weekly stream on Thursdays, 7pm GMT+2! twitch.tv/sternengreif
🧡 I mod on a German art discord, send PM to join! :>


I've got a million ocs and here's another one of them! This is Levka and he's a modern day Necromancer who runs a little shop of curiosities!

He is quiet and keeps to himself usually.

A friend dared me to redraw something from 10 years ago so here it is! A very old character of mine got a wonderful glowup~

His name is Markov and he's a fence; he buys questionably obtained items and resells them for profit. He is based on a Man O' War so he has some stinging/stunning superpowers as well!

I was haunted my entire shift at work with the idea of a late night radio host that pirates lesser known stations past midnight and has become something of an urban legend. My sketches are a mess. >3>


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