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I've been meaning to do a Meet the Artist for the longest time and finally sat down to do it today!

I like to meet new people so if ya'll ever wanna chat, you can add me on Discord @ Dane#5168 πŸ˜€

I did a 100 follower sketch giveaway on my twitter and here's the first batch!

None of these character's belong to me!

I am sorry I keep forgetting about this place. I am more active on Twitter but I really should try and post more here LOL

Had a little doodling time the other night to the song "Natural" by Imagine Dragons. Features my Tommy Rizzo.

He's the youngest child of the Rizzo crime family and has duties to watch over casinos and hotels.

Okay, I know I disappeared for a while and I apologize! I got really sick and I'm still not 100% but I'm trying!

I did some to songs while I was though!

My OCs:
Alexei Ryba: Billie Eilish - everything I wanted
Akos: Matt Maeson - Hallucinogenics
Volker Avci: Woodkid - Iron
Tristram Beaumont: Matt Maeson - Cringe

Zakhar's right hand man, Phelan! He's a that was originally born into a clan of warriors but left to find a peaceful life in the little community Zakhar made.


Katja's big brother Nikolai. πŸ’›

He runs his own crime family and honestly, he's kind of a mean fellow but he sure looks good being mean~


First actual piece of the new year is my old Zakhar! I'm aiming this year to try and do more anthros as practice!

Rize! He's part of a demonic pirate ship thing I've got going on and he's the younger brother of the Captain. He's an assassin/thief class.

He's also cousin to Lazaro who also works on the same ship:

My Russian Mafia princess Katja Yezhov. She's an oc I adore and love to spoil to bits!

Marked sensitive for being a possible racy pin-up.

This is Akihiko! An of mine. He is a prince based on an onagadori rooster! Akihiko is soft-spoken but rules with a firm hand -- he will not tolerate poachers of fantastical beasts and beings in his forest.

I don't really like clowns but this is perhaps the closest I will get to making one.

Bradach is a demonic entertainer for a circus! He's the Strongman and sometimes a

Somewhere between life and death, Wraith exists. He's a that doesn't talk much. He is able to turn into clouds of smoke/mist/fog to do surveillance work for his Captain.

Work got really hectic for the holiday season and I kinda' dropped off the face of the Earth then came out, then it was my birthday, then I sliced open my thumb, and now it is December, oops!

Anyways, here's a quickie of my pokemon starter Laiken the !

Salai! An old, old character for a that didn't work out but now he's back and looking snazzier!

Just something simple with my half-siren Liam Gracias! He's a bit of an anxious mess but usually bubbly and friendly.

I'm doing a lot better lately so I hope I can draw more.

This is Diamonde! He's a late night radio host that talks about conspiracies and things that go bump in the night. He's a former special agent and an altered human.

Happy Halloweeeeen~ Be safe out there!! Featuring my boy Liam (pastel skeleton) and my friend's oc Stav (Jason)!

Sorry!! I sort of disappeared for a while there. Lots of personal stuff came to slap me in the face but I'm sort of back, I think?

Anyways, here's a doodle of my boy Royce and his cat Casanova!

Homura Akagi.

Head of the Akagi family of a larger Yakuza. Homura looks after fire-based monsters and humans with fire-related interests. He is a fire demon based in a modern fantasy world.

His headquarters is based in downtown and the front for it is a construction company~

I've been meaning to do a Meet the Artist for the longest time and finally sat down to do it today!

I like to meet new people so if ya'll ever wanna chat, you can add me on Discord @ Dane#5168 πŸ˜€

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