Streaming! Continuing the mysterious tree illustration from yesterday, come join🥰

Sleepy stream time! I'm drawing some mysterious trees, come join for a nice chill time!💖

Little unicorn sketch for my birthday🥰I have conquered another full year! Despite some rocky patches I'm glad to be here and hoping to tackle next one much stronger! I feel the sun in my heart and really wish I can bring a bit of sunlight for everyone💖✨

I'm back from a magical trip to Germany! Saw a slice of France, two breath-taking theme parks and had a wonderful time with a fantastic company!🥰💖✨

Sky Sentinel✨ I've had this piece in the WIP folder an embarrassingly long time. I've gone through all 7 stages of grief at least twice while working on it. I'll accept my faith, be free tiny dragonfly guard~~~

Hi everyone! I'm Environment Concept Artist, Designer and Illustrator. I do lots of cute houses!😊 ✨


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