Hi everyone! I'm Environment Concept Artist, Designer and Illustrator. I do lots of cute houses!😊 ✨

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@Kilirai You are on it! Since Mastodon is federated (every person on every server can communivate with every other person on every other server).
But you can also communicate with other persons on other services, like you are on Mastodon and can follow other people on Mastodon, but you can also follow on Pixelfed, Peertube, etc...

@MagicLike Oh right, I see. This is all very new to me and I wasn't familiar of the term. The interaction between all servers does sound great! Thanks for the explanation😊

No problem, just ask me if you have questions, problems or need more explanation. 🤗

@Kilirai these houses all look so beautiful!! wish i could live in one of them!

@annabelle I'm glad you think so. Thank you so much!🥰

@Kilirai Good work! Last one reminds me of Vivi in FF IX

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