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Greetings~ I’m Khayda, an ​:heart_sp_ace:​Ace illustrator who I loves to draw my OC’s and the rare fan art. I put all of my love into my webcomic Interlude!

💠 Portfolio:
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🐉 Interlude Site:
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If you're an active artist on mastodon and would be interested in being interviewed by me to talk about why you like mastodon for art, and would consent to the interview being published on the blog, please respond to this and let me know!

I'll only pick a few people and mostly at random but preferably artists who use mastodon to share their art or talk to other artists would be preferred.

@adamk678 aaaahhh thank you!! you’re so sweet, I feel much better today! 😭💕

@fluffyfied aww you’re so sweet, thanks a lot! ( ; v ; ) 💖

Awww I checked my notifications and I just wanted to say thank you everyone for your sweet messages, I’m all better now!! 😭💕

I’m finally recovered from my dental surgery, so I can draw again! Here’s a of a personal illustration I’m working on :)

Hey all, I’ve been recovering from my dental surgery these past few days, I’ll still be out of it for at least a week or so. I’m over the worst of it but I still need some time to get myself back up so excuse my inactivity 😅

Hhhhh today I have my dental appointment to get a couple teeth extracted so I might be out of it for a couple days afterwards, weeeehhhh

@KhaydaRyu Ok, I think I fixed the problem now. My site should be up in a little bit!

@eishiya oh gosh, this is so weird. I’ve configured it multiple times but it’s no connecting?? I guess I’ll have to host my site with something else and remake it...again 😂

@KhaydaRyu why the link insists on saying my site doesn’t work, I have no idea. My site DOES work 😂

🌟 Commission Info:

Hi everyone, I’m a bit short on funds this month and I really want to do some commissions. If you’re interested then please read my tos/commissions page above + send me an e-mail at or send me a message here on Mastodon! Thank you!

@KhaydaRyu Brock: “Your Pikachu is in it’s cutest state.”

Pikachu: :D

Brock: “It can’t win.”

Pikachu: D:>

I’m watching the Pokémon Indigo League anime and I’m delighted by the level of cheese in it

@eishiya Oh no, thank you for informing me! I’ll fix it right away!

My blog’s link will take a little time to propagate since I just set it up, so in the meantime you can view it here: 👀




Continuing from my ,

I now have a Tumblr blog (also part of my personal site) and a Society6 store. I’ll upload more art to both in the future!

I finally did the meme! I’d been wanting to do this for a long time, it was fun 😁

Oh god lemme resize that artwork it looks awful LMAO

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