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Greetings~ I’m Khayda, an ​:heart_sp_ace:​Ace illustrator who I loves to draw my OC’s and the rare fan art. I put all of my love into my webcomic Interlude!

💠 Portfolio:
🌟 Commissions:

🐉 Interlude Site:
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Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t been active much. I deleted my Twitter as I don’t use it, but I’m also setting up my store and possibly a new tumblr. I just have to order the merch and it should be open later this month.

I started watching and it’s amazing, so naturally I had to draw my favorite mischief boy Wei Wuxian 💖

Here’s a preview of one of the artworks for stationary I plan to release in my shop later this month. This sketch is for a small memo pad!

Hey everyone I have exciting news, I’m finally working on drafting designs for my own stationary and print merchandise shop!

Designs are gonna include original and fan art and I’m gonna order stock later this month 😁

Don’t ya love it when you don’t do any coloring for a week and suddenly forget how to do it at all 👀💦

WIP’s! I have so many I’m working on, these are all characters from my 🙏🏽💕

I’ll post some WIP’s I’ve been working on later

Me: *Buys something on ebay*

eBay, showing me things that are completely unrelated: “Hey so I see you want some ANIME PORN FIGURES”


Oh god I tried cooking with Dimitri and he seT IT ON FIRE

Dimitri and Dedue make me so happy, as does the entire Blue Lions house tbh. They’re such good kids 😭💕

I’ve made it my mission to romance both Claude and Dimitri in Fire Emblem Three Houses. God I love these boys

Hi everyone, in the wake of Hurricane Dorian coming to Florida I likely won’t be online much since we’re preparing. Love you all and stay safe as well!! 🙏🏽💕

I finally finished the background for my new website. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out 🐉

“......wherever home might be”

Just a vent art. Life’s been kicking my ass lately and I’m exhausted.

Being a freelance artist is difficult on it’s own for me so I’m just gonna find another job somehow.

Hey all, I need to make extra money since I’m currently in the red. If you’re interested, here’s my commission Info:

Sigh, sometimes I feel like quitting all my social media purely bc I was never really a fan of it in the first place, I would love to be able to work on stuff without having to constantly worry about staying updated online and such

Tfw someone relates your OC to a popular character and you have to try not to have an artistic existential crisis over your children you worked so hard on

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