More photos:

Fursuit Maker page on Facebook (first place where I make the announcement of new slots open and pre-made sales):

Commission for Thomas Buser

Digital painting I did for my friend Mock in thanks for fixing the cable of my drawing tablet :3

To access this art and my others with more quality and the process of each one, support me on Patreon with only 1 dollar per month:

Page 14 of chapter 1 from my comic Hitsuke is now in english to read online!
To see this and previous pages just click here:

Página 14 do capítulo 1 do meu quadrinho Hitsuke disponível para leitura online em português!
Para acessar essa página e as anteriores basta clicar aqui:

Page 13 of the chapter 1 from my comic Hitsuke in now avaible to read online in english! This page and the previous you can find here:

While I can't fix my digital drawing tablet, I made this simple badge using the mouse imitating the vector art style, and I really liked it! I will print on a T-shirt, and this is the last piece I need to complete a personal fursuit from my scalesona Nowaki <3

Pain cat version :3

Chaveiros resinados dessa arte e do Naruto, Shikamaru e Itachi já disponíveis para compra na minha loja da Shopee!

Itachi cat! Traditional art done with markers!
Process video:

I'm making a series of Naruto characters in cat version, my Patreon supporters will be able to choose the next characters! To become a supporter, you only need to contribute one dollar a month:

I made this traditional drawing with ink and markers, it is a kind of homage to my old childhood bicycle that I sold for recycling recently, it was painful to do that, but it was damaged and was no longer useful :c
I drew my fursona as a child (he doesn't have a mane as a puppy) riding it in memory of the great moments we spent together, and as a symbol of never forgetting those moments and always keeping a young mind that has fun with simple things, I'll put it it on my wall c':

New Hitsuke comic page available for reading online!
click here to read now in english:

I just created an aquatic form for my fursona, because I love to swim, meet Aqua Keto!

Page 11 of chapter of my comic Hitsuke is avaible to read online! To see this page and previous click here:

Come fly with me~

Art gift for the cutest wolf Sagis
The dracowolf is my secundary fursona Sayetsu :3

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