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KemoNine @KemoNine


Any suggestions / advice on good places for BuJo inspiration?

I'm going to be composing something about my BuJo setup and am looking for ideas to add for others to help them find their way.

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@aldersprig @KemoNine

Fwiw I use Instagram and Tumblr. Instagram is particularly useful because people post so frequently you can see their styles evolving. It's pretty cool, but can get overwhelming af.

This is my favorite, because I hate myself:

@Heliodora @KemoNine OMG I’m going to close that before I start to hate myself.

@aldersprig @Heliodora Many thanks for the insights. I'll likely be including these

@KemoNine I also like these:
and these:
for free printables

I need some sort of art or I don’t get sufficiently into it.