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Of the 4 waxes I picked out for these envelopes only 2 really 'work' well.


Time to move onto labels that don't stink.

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Hello again! This piece is for the newest Hopeless Vendetta and is also the five of flames card for the Hopeless, Maine tarot deck (Because i am either clever or lazy)

If you ever want to hold a notebook open I'd recommend one of these if they ever are available again...


Someone I know was considering analog / BuJo style 'stuff' and I got them to dial back the excitement and take a few baby steps.

🀞 to this sticking for them

/me fidgets wildly

Someone just ran off after excitedly talking about a notebook.

Excitement + inexperience with notebooks never ends well...

Woah, both of the 'art supply' orders I placed <12 hours ago are now shipped.

πŸ‘ to these companies.

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I have 6[!] masto accounts.

Have you found them all?


I should point out that my responses to any letters may be delayed 7-12 days.

I ordered everything I need to take letter writing to 'the next level' and match my preferences in what I put forth.

Once the supplies are in hand, I'll ensure the pen is inked and ready to go 😁

The Red River Paper I bought today for letters is $0.24 per postcard. Adding in the cost of ink you're looking at about $0.25-$0.27 per.

Moo offers up very nice volume discounts on postcards. Trouble is you need to buy 1,000 post cards to meet the Red River cost.

I wonder if a group buy for post cards featuring images from is something people would be interested in.

DM me if you might be interested in this.


I will be checking my mailbox semi-regularly but *not* every day.

There may be additional delays in response but I *will* see them πŸ˜‰

That's surprisingly exciting.

New stamps came today.

As a great capstone to most/all of the InCoWriMo letters. A blog post on my next steps

If you ever, ever figure out the total costing to my InCoWriMo letters...


I *chose* to do what I did and knew full well what the costing look[s|ed] like.

I WANTED to go the route I went. I CONSCIOUSLY CHOSE the route.

Mastofolk are in the upper echelon of good people and I WANTED to do right.

Time to figure out if I can setup a series of proper templates / pages to leverage with the paper I found...

This is sooooo in my future.

Solves a pretty big ❓ I had lingering in the back of my mind.


Dymo 30254 labels are CLEAR

Holy πŸ’©

This is HUGE

It's amazing what the creative spirit does to the brain.

I finally embraced a different line of thinking (writing/photog) and the lateral connections I'm making in terms of cost savings, creative output and more are astounding.

I don't think I would have ever seen myself tackling these sorts of things in the past.

Protip: I check my mailbox once a week or so. Given I just mailed ~30 letters I'll be checking it more frequently.

HOWEVER, once a week is the best I have ever averaged over the last 5 years.

You've been warned.