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Hi, I'm Kav.

I'm a hobbyist digital artist. I draw a lot of things...mostly animal people, sometimes not. But usually animal people, I'm afraid. My main subject is Anubis, who also has an account here but I won't link it because I'm an asshole.

My main personal worldbuilding project is +700, a science fiction world set 700 years in the future (duh). I tend to paint a lot of scenery and what not for it.

Aside from that, I take interests in drawing fashion, firearms and guns, cars, spaceships, graphic design, space, among other things. If you need help with any of these, don't be afraid to ask, exclamation mark!

Outside of art, I can sort of code, do graphic design, learn about Ancient Egypt, do computer things, and am learning how to play the piano, as well as stuff that I can't recall.



Discord Kavaeric#0439

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I was in desperate need of a new personal Twitter avatar because the old one was driving me nuts w/ how the square TV head didn’t fit into the circular icon window properly

air and space superiority

Maybe god doesn't believe in you.


Dog people in armour.
Terran armour concepts for +700.


kathid laughing and eating salad

Another one for Vilous, the Sailzane Type 2-Q pistol

Designing two Vilousian weapons for my headworld, +700:

- The very common very cheap Sailzane Armoury Type 5
- The Khalis Mauda Imáum 2 "Commando"

lots of fun aesthetics in these I hope!

oh yeah I've been working on an iakan primary flight display design


Hey, everyone! I've got a small break in my regular work, so I'm opening commissions from now until the 16th!

If you're interested, please email me at: katWylderArt [at]

modified this somewhat, really wanted to reinforce the agility + lightness

some notes on iakan aerosynth anatomy

what terrible thing is conjuring tonight

WIP Terran armour design

"bird has two feet, I'll shoot myself in that one"

Seems like there's a brouhaha on Twitter over the fact that it seems to be completely dropping support for any third party clients

the one and only dog-headed deity of funerals from egypt