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I got a commission from an old high school classmate last month. He wanted me to draw his current house as a christmas gift for his wife (as they're preping to move soon)

It's been a long time since I've done a pencil drawing but I think this has turned out well! I have some color touches to add still but other then that I'm all done!

@Curator Thank you <3 I really put my all in since it'll be a gift!

@Kathuman Uber-awesome work. Once you've got it, the talent is yours for life.

@technoslick Thank you! And I guess so! I haven't done a pencil piece since early college, so over 10 years ago at this point!

@Kathuman If you hadn't mention the time since you last did pencil, or that you were 'rusty' at all, I wouldn't have known. No one else would have, either.

Over 40 yrs ago, as a teen, I dabbled with pen and ink, first sketching in pencil. When I try to draw now, I envision myself as a Neanderthal grasping the pencil or pen like a chisel, unable to keep tongue in mouth. My work looks as gruesome as I do in creating it! 😀

@technoslick Haha, I guess rusty is the wrong word then XD I mostly do digital art for my job but I do still draw every day and even do grey scale pieces so it's not THAT far removed. My thing is mostly that it takes waayyyyyyy longer now to do pencil stuff and I rarely do realism. I had fun though so I think I'll practice more!

I bet it's fun pretending to be a Neanderthal 😂

@Kathuman Heh. At 61, I don't need to pretend to be a Neanderthal. Age gets you, sooner or later, and with it the loss of everything you took for granted in your good years. In my case, all the stunts I've pulled over the years, all the accidents on bicycles, motorcycles, and in cars, and more recently, thinking I could fly off the side of a tall truck...yeah, I'm there already. (Pass me the big crayons, please.)

Fun is good. Do practice. And post here. :)

@MmeLibertine Thank you! And I agree, what a thoughtful gift. I believe this might be their first home together.

@planty Thank you! I've worked hard to get 'em 😆

@Luficer Thanks! I had some good photo ref of the house so I can't take much credit for that though, haha.

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