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I sell my work a few places around the web! Here are some link if you'd like to support me and get cool merch at the same time!



Mish (you can commission me here!):

or just buy me a ko-fi:

I popped my ace unicorn up on redbubble! You can get it on all the stuff! Fancy! I re-did it digitally to make for cleaner prints (and to adjust one or two things)

A posca pen ace unicorn for Pride month :asexual_flag:

I had to use acrylic paint for the grey because my set didn't come with one ^^;

I want to get some skin tone colors (I have a good brown but nothing else) and a grey shade sometime soon.

My grandmother sent my fiance and me a wedding gift so I made this card for her. She's always loved elephants!

I'm really happy with how the baby came out especially.

I made this little card for my uncle, to thank him for the savings bonds he gave me when I was little that I could finally cash (those things take 20 years to mature, like damn)

I used my Posca pens, I wanted to see if this paper could take them and it held up perfectly! No pilling at all.

Some more Posca pen sketchbook decorating, this time on my bigger 9x12 book. The little dot circles in the background were done with my new gel pen which is surprisingly permanent on the surface!

I used ever color I have but black on this.

-me-nots 'sbreath

I got some Posca pens for my birthday! Here's my first attempt with them, on the cover of my travel watercolor sketchbook.

Featuring my Callide-cat as a helpful stand XD

Here's my most recent art journal piece. This book's theme is lineart and I started the drawing earlier in the month after being inspired by the Met Gala pictures flooding my twitter feed.

Still working on cryptids, this one is a Black Shuck, a ghostly, cyclopean dog of the British Isles said to herald bad luck.

It's been hard finding 25 different cryptids that aren't either just ripped from indigenous people's religions/folklore/stories and then wildly altered (I'm looking at you wendigo) OR just the same thing from a different region (the plethora of apeman style ones for instance)

Finished icons for my fiance's twitch channel ( ) He went with the triangle one. I'll be doing a banner and overlay for him too.

This is a wip of an icon I'm making my fiance for his Twitch account. He's recently been more active streaming so he wanted a nice icon. Obviously this is just a sketch but I like how it looks so far!

He's been streaming Megaman Battle Network 3 since yesterday (he's streaming right now, actually) if you wanna check him out.

These are some rather late Christmas gifts for my parents. I though it would be fun to do a woodland royalty sort of thing. I had to include a toad because my mom loves them!

Inked linework with watercolors and gold acrylic accents.

I drew this real fast for one of my best friends this morning. We both like snails a lot, haha

One of the last sets I did in 2018 for work was the knight set. All I'd shared of it was the Unicorn Knight so I figured I'd show off a few more!


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Oh, I didn't post the finished knight and unicorn. So here they are. I realize now that I didn't give the knight a sword though soooo I will probably add one in for her.

Drawing some knights for work and I was really digging this unicorn steed so I figured I'd share!

Doing unicorns as a cross between horse and deer is always fun.

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