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Urg, too many men to draw in this one >< I guess I need the practice though...

I ran around Coral Highlands for a bit taking pictures of this majestic critter and was consequently able to draw a superior pudgy kirin. I think I'll draw it up digitally and add it to redbubble

Started the flats on this tonight. I'm not 100% on everything just yet so I'll come back in a day or so with fresh eyes. I think the dark orange flowers need to be different so they don't blend into her belt so much. I might try shades of purple instead.

I drew a fish with legs, then gave him hands and feet. His name is Frederick and he has a PhD in anthropology. He really wants to teach.

I drew a fat kirin because of course I did. How could I not make a chubby version of this beautiful dragon unicorn. Very on brand.

Monster Hunter sketches! I love World so much, and the Iceborn expansion made me really love the NPCs. The Field Team Leader is my fave, hes such a sweetheart.

I drew myself in the alpha Lumu+ gear because its adorable and if I lived in this world I would 100% have a hunter get me it as payment for art.

I don't usually do 'sona' art but MH gives me those longing for a home I've never been to vibes.

Did I share these? I opened my sketchbook to so some doodling and found them. These are from April, lmao, but it's a good shot of Ahko and Domico, my adorable children's. I never finished their hands though...

This is where my life is at right now, drawing a plant monster watering itself while reading a newspaper. I guess its breakfast for them? I donno.

I wanted to relisten to the Iceborn credits yesterday and, in the comments, learned its sung by the in world npc the Diva! And its apparently in wyverian too! I love how much lore Monster Hunter has.

I haven't cosplayed in years but I wanna make a monster hunter cosplay... Its hard to choose between armors though, haha. I think a top contender would be Nightshade Paolumu though. It's not hard armor, but a cloth one which would be easier to make and wear. Maybe when/if my husband and I move to where my friends are I'll do this.

Finished the inks on this! Not looking forward to coloring it though 😅

Spent about 5ish hours on this so far. 3 of that was today.

Some vastly different styled Ahkos. I think I shared the half body sketch before...

I found these while adding stuff to my portfolio and, while they aren't right for that, I like them enough to share.

I still need to finish that really sketchy half body...I think it could be a solid illustration.

Well damn. My current project is gonna wrap up this month. I gotta try and find new work asap. Terrible timing since my husband is also job hunting. We can't both be out of work 😫😭

Freelanceing red flag/complaints 

I updated my artstation account with a few of the newer freelance projects I've done! Here's a small sample but check out my profile for more!

I need to do some larger scale illustrations for my portfolio. I'd like to start picking up more work, maybe even look for an agent.


It's not gonna be ready for but I think I'm making headway on the comic about my experiences. I'm gonna break it into 4 small parts, to make it easier to digest. The first will be middle and high school stuff. The second will be college + my first experiences with attraction. The third will be heavier stuff about trauma and harrassment. The last will be where I am now. Wish me luck!

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