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I sell my work a few places around the web! Here are some link if you'd like to support me and get cool merch at the same time!



Mish (you can commission me here!):

or just buy me a ko-fi:

@Potetew on twitter inspired me to make a cousin i honor of Katamari Reroll! I guess we'll call her Usagi. It seems she's been running through dirt. Unsure if those are her real ears.

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Hi everyone, new member here! Floh, they/she, 25.
I draw badass & cute women & LGBT+. I also run Dames zine & have a webcomic, Tamaan’s Destiny, that should start again in February!
Nice to meet you all!

Haha, tumblr is just dying atm. I had a bunch of old, totally sfw art flagged, like many others. I'll keep using it until it dies totally but I never really had interaction on there so *shrug*

Here are some of my flagged pieces, let us laugh at tumblr together!

I got a commission from an old high school classmate last month. He wanted me to draw his current house as a christmas gift for his wife (as they're preping to move soon)

It's been a long time since I've done a pencil drawing but I think this has turned out well! I have some color touches to add still but other then that I'm all done!

Posted a new piece to my redbubble! A cute little Christmas unicorn ❄️🦄🎄

It's actually a digital touch up of a holiday card I sent out to some family two years ago.

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didn't draw NEARLY as much as i originally intended this weekend but: got some manticore concepts down that i'm happy with

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I'm doing a 'professions' set for work now and I decided to do it all cute, chibi style (for practice and also a style break so all the website's sticker assets won't look completely the same)

I'm pretty pleased with the look of this! I'm a little rusty with chibis so I spent time working out the facial style before setting on this look.

Also, this doctor unintentionally resembles Sailor Mercury's mom, who is also a doctor, haha.

I finished the Sailor Moon Holy Grail. It looks okay given how annoying that model magic was.

I added tiny details with puffy paint! The 'jewels' on the brim are from a nail art kit, they matched the gold paint I had nicely!

I did the color work to match the manga's version as I don' the anime? Controversial opinion, I know, haha.

A better, larger version will have to wait until I can buy the supplies 😅

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Sailor Venus has been extremely important to me since I was a kid, and I loved making this piece for myself last year. I combined two patterns from bitmapdreams and novacainedoll's collection of patterns:

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I had a tiny pack of Crayola model magic someone gave me...years ago at this point... so I decided to make a tiny version of the Holy Grail from Sailor Moon. Because why not? I love Sailor Moon.

Let me just say this is the worst modeling material I've ever used, I hate it and I think the company is a bastard for selling this to kids as it's just horrible to handle and work with.

Anyway, if it drys okay I'll paint it and add some nail art gems.

Dime for scale XD

I was thinking last night and planned out a little scene between Ahko (my little blue elft) and her friend Domico and today I actually sketched it out!

It ended up at 3 pages and it's probably a bit clunky but it's just thumbs so that's fine.

I haven't done too many comics, I have a bad habit of putting them off, so I'm pretty pleased with myself for getting this little bit done

Some more of my sad little girl, haha. I needed to do something last night to deal with the election stresses so I drew more Ahko.

I would like to start plotting out her story soon but we'll see how work and such goes.

This is taking sooooo long, haha. Buildings/architecture are not a strong point for me 😅 But this isn't looking too bad. The city will be ruins but I wanted to draw it out first to have something more to go off of.

Work, work, work is all I do ><

Did a little doodling tonight. I spend a lot of my free time just recovering from work so I don't draw a lot for me any more. I'd like to change that. It's no good when the only things I draw are for work ><

Also, still trying to pin down how I want the flowers growing in her hair to look.

I’m doing a journal trade with a group of artists where everyone starts a journal and sends it to the next person on the list. In the end we get back our original, now filled, journals! I chose fantasy creatures as my journal’s theme so here are my first pages!

Page 57 is the last page of the book and I’m asking everyone else to add something to it, I think it’ll be cool to see one big collage!


Another commission post! This time it's a cute portrait of the lovely @NeoAJ

I'm so happy you like it, A.J! It was fun to try and capture your likeness :tialove:

If anyone else would like a commission too I'm still taking them ^^ Just check out the post pinned on my profile for more examples and info!

Here's the commission I did for @adamk678 of his FF XIV character Minako! She's even got her own account where you can follow some of her adventures! @minako :tialove:

Glad she came out to your liking, Adam!

If anyone else would like a commission too I'm still taking them ^^ Just check out the post pinned on my profile for the deets!

Anyone wanna buy a quick commission?

We got hit by hurricane Micheal and only got power back today. We had to toss everything in our fridge/freezer and, because I work from home, I lost out on about a $100 worth of work ;_;

I'd love to take some commissions if anyone is interested! Here's a few examples with pricing but I'll take other types too! Price is also negotiable.

DM me for more info/if you're interested!

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