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Working more on that kid's chapter book job. I started the interior stuff so here's my rough for chapter one!

Finally finished this unicorn pattern! Got it up on my redbubble now~

(the for sale version doesn't have the watermark)


Some character designs for the kids' chapter book I'm illustrating. The clothes are inspired by Polynesian traditional clothes, but meant to reflect the cold environment of the story (like, instead of beautiful grass skirts and accents, soft wool roping/tassels) They'll have cloaks on over top as well, but I wanted to share these without the outfits being hidden.

(that's my birdsite handle btw)

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To christen this account, I figure I better post some art. Here's a cute little comic I made earlier this year during . I'm hoping to make more Tiny Unicorn Adventure comics someday soon. :) mastodon.art/media/hGAobj_6He1

Working on some kid's chapterbook art. here's a little character design preview. Going to block out the lights and darks (everything will in B&W) and get some more designs finished today

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I'm making cover collages for all the sticker sets I've made and I really liked how this one turned out! I just...really like flowers I guess?

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I'm finally starting to add stuff to my Art Station account. I don't know why I kept putting it off, haha.

I only have four projects up atm, but each has multiple images.


Art Station is really easy and sharp looking too so anyone looking for a convenient portfolio site, check them out. They are also very well known and have frequent competitions as well as job listings from big companies.

Still working on this huge flower set for work. Here are some of my favorites thus far

Hair cut! Not art, just me Show more

Hair cut stuff, not art related XD Show more

Here's a better picture of the elephant painting, no more of that yellow tint!

My grandmother is in the hospital sick so I made her a little get well painting. Elephants are her favorite animal.

Doing a flower set for work! This should be a nice change of pace (I just finished doing world flags, 233 of them! Too many flags!) This is just the first 25, I'll do at least 25 more on top of this.

I came up with the words for this while trying to sleep one night and finally did something with them. This is pretty sketchy, especially the top panel, haha. Maybe later I'll do a cleaned up version sometime.

These are part of a level up screen for the job I'm working on. I liked how they turned out so I figured I'd share.

I finished up the birthstone set. I'm reasonably pleased with them. It was a new challenge for me to work on detailed-ish gems. I'm usually a little more haphazard with these kinds of things but I wanted all of these to have actual gem cuts.

Sorry I've been so quiet, I had an overly busy holiday and then got a big ole doctor bill I can barely afford the day after Christmas that severely bummed me out. I just haven't had the energy to be active. Playing through Earthbound for the billionth time is helping. Earthbound makes everything better.

Anyway, here's what I have done of the birthstones for work. Fancy pants.