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I sell my work a few places around the web! Here are some link if you'd like to support me and get cool merch at the same time!



Mish (you can commission me here!):

or just buy me a ko-fi:

These are some rather late Christmas gifts for my parents. I though it would be fun to do a woodland royalty sort of thing. I had to include a toad because my mom loves them!

Inked linework with watercolors and gold acrylic accents.

I drew this real fast for one of my best friends this morning. We both like snails a lot, haha

One of the last sets I did in 2018 for work was the knight set. All I'd shared of it was the Unicorn Knight so I figured I'd show off a few more!


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Oh, I didn't post the finished knight and unicorn. So here they are. I realize now that I didn't give the knight a sword though soooo I will probably add one in for her.

Drawing some knights for work and I was really digging this unicorn steed so I figured I'd share!

Doing unicorns as a cross between horse and deer is always fun.

Hey mastoverse! A question for those of you who make a living off your art, what degrees/courses of study do you recommend?

A good friend of mine wants to go back to school for a second degree that's more financially sound then her current one (photography)

She's thinking of maybe graphic design and 3D animation.

I just barely scrape by money wise so I don't really know the best areas of study and was hoping someone here might have a suggestion for her.


@Potetew on twitter inspired me to make a cousin i honor of Katamari Reroll! I guess we'll call her Usagi. It seems she's been running through dirt. Unsure if those are her real ears.

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Hi everyone, new member here! Floh, they/she, 25.
I draw badass & cute women & LGBT+. I also run Dames zine & have a webcomic, Tamaan’s Destiny, that should start again in February!
Nice to meet you all!

Haha, tumblr is just dying atm. I had a bunch of old, totally sfw art flagged, like many others. I'll keep using it until it dies totally but I never really had interaction on there so *shrug*

Here are some of my flagged pieces, let us laugh at tumblr together!

I got a commission from an old high school classmate last month. He wanted me to draw his current house as a christmas gift for his wife (as they're preping to move soon)

It's been a long time since I've done a pencil drawing but I think this has turned out well! I have some color touches to add still but other then that I'm all done!

Posted a new piece to my redbubble! A cute little Christmas unicorn ❄️🦄🎄

It's actually a digital touch up of a holiday card I sent out to some family two years ago.

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didn't draw NEARLY as much as i originally intended this weekend but: got some manticore concepts down that i'm happy with

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I'm doing a 'professions' set for work now and I decided to do it all cute, chibi style (for practice and also a style break so all the website's sticker assets won't look completely the same)

I'm pretty pleased with the look of this! I'm a little rusty with chibis so I spent time working out the facial style before setting on this look.

Also, this doctor unintentionally resembles Sailor Mercury's mom, who is also a doctor, haha.

I finished the Sailor Moon Holy Grail. It looks okay given how annoying that model magic was.

I added tiny details with puffy paint! The 'jewels' on the brim are from a nail art kit, they matched the gold paint I had nicely!

I did the color work to match the manga's version as I don' the anime? Controversial opinion, I know, haha.

A better, larger version will have to wait until I can buy the supplies 😅

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Sailor Venus has been extremely important to me since I was a kid, and I loved making this piece for myself last year. I combined two patterns from bitmapdreams and novacainedoll's collection of patterns:

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