"she'll rip out your heart".

Finally finished!!

I think this has been my most cathartic piece to date. How fitting that I get to post it at the end of this year. See ya, 2017. mastodon.art/media/RJ3mB-RRWz8

still working on my demoness, here's another !

Does this show up super dark for anyone? Still trying to figure out monitor settings. mastodon.art/media/2r4huH-n-Zz

Content of my avatar. Might as well post it here too. It was a speed painting-- which meant, given the whole painting part, it still took four hours. mastodon.art/media/ucsXourLcDt

does anyone know why I'm not getting any notifications from Mastodon to my phone? I have my phone settings set to show them πŸ€”

do I work on my game art project or do I do an acrylic painting of an owl. Decisions, decisions.πŸ€”

Hi there, I'm FlipFlop I'm an illustrator currently working on my colorwork with a focus in concept and editorial! This piece is from a project called Opposites Attract and is titled 'Forget Me Not'

I'm posting one page every day for ten days of my webcomic, , until I start posting new pages weekly starting December 1st! If you like stories about girls and their robots, this might be for you! Please check it out!

Hello new tooters! Remember to introduce yourself in the # introductions tag (minus space) and include some images, animations and/or videos along with any links you might wanna share so we get to know you :tialove:

Advice on breaking into commercial illustration. Show more

Trying to add more backgrounds to my characters. Any tips on how I could make pieces like this work better? I'm always struggling with the background overtaking the subject, so usually I don't use backgrounds at all, or end up blurring them like this. Open to critique and suggestions! mastodon.art/media/EimSnxmrfww

Art Prompts for Environmental Design.

Please add your own and boost and fave this so it becomes a lovely resource.

Finally have some time to post some art on here. Hello! I love exploring diversity and creating D&D themed art as well as doing photo studies. Always looking for ways that I can grow and improve ^_^ mastodon.art/media/XyiRp4VT13G mastodon.art/media/NA2SICIFU1i mastodon.art/media/vc8ujL1Mb7f mastodon.art/media/eq81vu8c6VB

I also don't know how gifs work on here so any insight would be grrrrreat

bad days at work just really make me wish I could be at home doing some art. What does everyone here like to create when they're having a difficult day? I tend to paint powerful women.


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