@ralph @katharsisdrill Oh yes, thanks for reminding me! Started reading a few pages a few weeks ago and I liked it.
@katharsisdrill @ralph I see you're on #steem and are even making real money from your content. That's good to see!

I was playing with BitShares a lot last year, but never thought Steemit would amount to anything. Now it seems it's really gaining ... momentum. So much that the SBD/USD peg is out of whack.

I do write a lot here, and I am about to get a lot more spare time, so maybe I should see if some more focused long-form writing on Steem would be worth it. And finding work like yours and supporting it, of course!

I like BitShares as a user experience and a technology, and tying something like it to a Patreon-like thing may be a better idea than I gave it credit for. I wasn't using Patreon back then, so maybe I didn't understand back then how much people wanted a simple way to pay authors for their work.

@clacke @ralph

@artsyhonker just made a profile on Steemit. It is a interesting experiment and even though it is also a bit of a klondike-social media, I have had much out of it. The two translators I have are both on Steemit for example.

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