I have been very busy on as it is actually the place I get a lot of my money from these days...

Here's a blog post about the ending of the Völuspá


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@Katharsisdrill I am wondering if this might be a good place for some of my grumpy opinions on art and practice and so on.

@artsyhonker - certainly, it is. Everybody that can bring some quality blogging will be more than welcome. As money is involved there is begging, spamming and other bad things, but it does actually work surprisingly well.

Go for it - and write me if you need advice.

@Katharsisdrill Do you post your articles elsewhere as well, like a traditional blog or something? And would this be allowed?

@Katharsisdrill I'm sortof wondering if it would be a good place for my "how to sing Psalms" series, which I've been meaning to write for, er, eight-ish years.

@artsyhonker - I sometimes use a post that I have made on Diaspora and build from that, but I have not done that much blogging before.

You are free to use your own copyrighted material - the place is a liberal/Libertarian experiment and it does not have many rules. As in most social networks there is the henhouse justice, but it is not really something I have had a problem with and I seldom see it.

A psalm series sounds good! - if you have a Facebook -page you can use that to get an account.


I was wondering if it is worth it to invest time & content onto this platform. What you are saying, there is *some* income?

/cc @artsyhonker

@artsyhonker @luka

There is income - but it does of course depend on how much you earn on your posts... and that can be pretty little in the begining. But I can promote you a bit.

Steemit is an experiment and it can go up and down and it can do that many times a year. No one knows of course. I have earned more than 20.000$ that I have converted to Danish Crowns so that is secure - right now I have about 50.000$ in values on the Steem network. you can see it here:

@Katharsisdrill @luka I think the thing for me is that currently what I get paid for writing anything is, er, zip, so trying a new platform is relatively low-risk.

@artsyhonker @luka - yes, there is no risk unless you try to invest some money in crypto. I have earned it all by being active on the network and having quality content.

@luka @artsyhonker

.... but that can change with the prize of the coin.

But see it this way. You have not done anything that differs from other social networks and you have not invested any money.

As for the blockchain thing.

what is your worries, Kathryn?

When you have an account you also have a wallet - you need to be careful with the very long password - write it on paper and keep it secure - but that is about that with security.

@Katharsisdrill @luka I'm wary of getting into cryptocurrencies, which are not that easy to buy groceries with and certainly won't pay my rent. Yes, converting them to real money is possible, for now; but I'm unsure whether I want to invest in building community in a place and having the bubble burst.

@luka @Katharsisdrill Which isn't to say that I won't give it a go; it might still be enough incentive to get me doing some writing again, which would be nice.

@Katharsisdrill @luka but the value creation here seems to be generated by... what, exactly? I lack the technical economic language to explain my misgivings fully. It feels like there's a gap between the work done (that of writing/curating) and the reward (units of currency) which is being explained by some kind of magical thinking around blockchains.

@artsyhonker @luka - the generation is simple inflation. The money is created and then distributed - like that Facebook for many years did not earn any money, the network is currently only giving value because of the promising technology and the promising network. One of the plans in the future is to burn all the revenue that could come from advertising. That way there would be fewer coins and they would be more valuable. But right now there is no ads.

@luka @artsyhonker
A place like Facebook generates billions on big data and advertising. The basic idea is that Steemit could be a place without big data and the advertising money returned to the users.

@artsyhonker @luka - like Yuan - you can't use it to pay your rent before you have converted to £.

@Katharsisdrill @luka Right. And I don't know that I will in future be able to convert it to £ (or $ or € or whatever).

@luka @artsyhonker - There is a price that goes up and down all the time. Just like the pound to Euro or dollars.

@artsyhonker @luka - when the prize is good or you need money you exchange it for pounds.

@Katharsisdrill @luka OK, but why should anyone buy STEEM off me? That's what currency conversion is.

@luka @Katharsisdrill My concern isn't with writing stuff and not getting paid, because I can do that already. And it isn't with writing stuff and not doing well compared to, say, other steemit authors.

@Katharsisdrill @luka Rather, my concern is with investing time and energy into a platform with a linked currency that may be supremely unstable (compare BTC to $ or £ for example) and *thinking I am doing well* and then having it all collapse under my feet.

@luka @Katharsisdrill I have longevity concerns with most platforms, including here, of course. But blockchain-based currencies are basically "money you can't meaningfully spend unless you sell it to someone else first" in my book, and that lends an extra dimension of caution. I'm sure that it is currently possible to receive income from steemit, and transfer/exchange it into real money as you describe.

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@artsyhonker @luka - Yes, there is of course a risk, but considering that you do not get anything from being here or Diaspora or Facebook or Twitter it is still a fair risk. Especially when making CC content like me.

Here are some Canadian homesteader that has bought grocery for steem. they just take out the money imminently.

@Katharsisdrill @luka If I cannot use it to pay my rent now, and I also cannot use it to pay my rent in five years after the bitcoin bubble bursts (or whatever), in what sense is it money?

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