two times the stupid electricians working in the cellar has cut the juice and two times I have lost what I was working with. Now I saves every two seconds.

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@Katharsisdrill usual good practice guides for electrical work EU-wide us now *not* to work live unless really necessary but electricians are supposed to warn end customers *first* if whatever they are doing might result in an off supply; not simply assume that because they are there folk (especially in a larger building) would expect this to happen.

In UK when the power distribution company do such work they put a note through your door and also fix it to outside meter cupboards.

@vfrmedia - Normally, we get warned before any stop in supply, but these nutheads...

Well, my daunting wife gave them an earful.

@vfrmedia - on her way out... I still expect the worst any minute

@Katharsisdrill usually anywhere in Northern Europe that is sufficient to encourage frontline tech workers to comply with good practice rules (its no coincidence that many of the women in tech in our part of the continent are often employed in quality/compliance management roles) 😉

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