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Katharsisdrill @Katharsisdrill

I am trying to plan the next four pages of my Phill from GCHQ comic which sometimes make me stray a bit too far from the path… Here is a first page of a new short comic.

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@Nightingalle - I suppose that they will be. That would be the most logical I guess.

@Katharsisdrill Looking forward to it:) Are all your manga black and white or coloured sometimes?

@Nightingalle - I actually planned to make this one in colour - That's why I haven't crosshatched too much.

@Katharsisdrill very looking forward to it:) Sorry I haven't read any of your works before, but what genre do you normally create?

@Nightingalle - I am not sure... the one I am working on now is a spy-comic, but I originally wanted to make a satire over the surveillance society...

You can read it here:


I want to do some fantasy or scifi, but right now the other project keeps me busy.